Mini Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Tomato Soup: Who Took This Photo?

Yesterday, I was reading the beautiful blog A Cup Of Jo, when I came across this mouthwatering photo of mini grilled cheese sandwiches perched on glasses of tomato soup. Two of my favorite things!

The photo credit is to unknown, but was found via mandr. I wondered who took the photo, so I followed the link trail backwards to try and find the origin of this photo. A food photo archaelogical expedition of sorts.

The next blog was ffffood, which led me to It's my first day, which led me to like cake's younger, cuter sister..., where I basically hit a dead end. I tried some Google searches and found some other similar photos, but not the same one.

I'm very curious. Who took this photo? Do you know? Also, it makes me sad that they're not getting credit for it. I'd like to set the record straight. This photo is getting a lot of blog love. Where did it come from?

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FH said…
Most beautiful and wonderful way to present the "ordinary" grilled cheese sandwiches and Tomato soup. Dunno who took it but should surely be appreciated! :))
Tess Kincaid said…
I don't know who took it, but it's giving me a serious craving!
Nance said…
I can't help you with a pic credit either, sorry, but wanted to add my Love for grilled cheese and tomato soup. That combo is one of my all-time favourite meals. It doesn't need to be fancied up, either. Just plain old American cheese on white bread and Campbell's--the basics are the best when it comes to this.
What a fantastic and comfort- filled idea for an hors d'ouevres.
Eva said…
It's a great shot for sure. And, it looks so delicious! Yum!
Anonymous said…
Just one more reason to pick up the URL when you borrow a photo for the blog to create a link! We all need to remember to do that. It's just right and proper to credit the source, but it's helpful to others who need/want to know from where the picture came!
Tracy said…
Very sad when there is no photo credit--credit where credit due and all that. But it is a great photo--and love the soup & mini sammies presentation. I am wondering what the soup tastes like--maybe a little spice or kick with chili? I hope so... LOL! This is the food to eat when wearing one's sexy flannel lingerie... haha... or just anything. I feel hungry now! Happy Day, Anali :o) ((HUGS))
Dorothy said…
Sorry I can't help with the image source. It's a beautiful photo; the grilled cheese sandwiches are so sweetly presented! That's the kind of part I want to be at :)
(Stopping by from SITS)
Christine said…
Can't help with the photo, but those links have taken me to some wonderful blogs that I've been lost in for the last half hour. Thank you! :)
Unknown said…
The presentation of a great meal is awesome. Stopping by from SITS!
El said…
I love this picture. I also love grilled cheese with tomato soup. Delicious.
Jackie said…
Looks delicious, I can see why you'd go to the effort to find out the source. Good luck!
Suldog said…
Mmmmmmmmm. Grilled Cheese and tomato soup. Comfort food heaven when you've just come in from a cold, wet day, maybe with just a bit of a chill still on your body. Strip down, throw on some flannel PJs and warm slippers, maybe watch some cartoons on the tube with your sandwich and soup... Voila! Instant childhood flashback!
Nina said…
I love, love, love grilled cheese and tomato soup! And as cute as those little ones are, I feel like I'd have to eat at least 5 of them! lol!
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - I love the creativity of it too!

willow - It did the same to me and I made a grilled cheese sandwich!

nance - Truly a great American classic!

bellini valli - I really have to remember this the next time I'm making appetizers!

grey street girl - The arrangement sure puts my pictures to shame. I need to up my skills!
Lisa Johnson said…
campbele - I so agree! Crediting the source is only right and so helpful to the readers.

tracy - LOL! Interesting that we all have own perfect taste for tomato soup. I always like mine a bit sweet. A real shocker huh? ; )

dorothy - Welcome and thanks for the visit! I agree about wanting to be at that party. If so much care was taken for the appetizers, imagine the drinks and dessert! Wow!

christine - Following the links can be so much fun. I've lost countless hours that way too!

jdaniel4's mom - Welcome! Thanks for the visit! ; )
Lisa Johnson said…
el - Such a classic combo! It's actually inspiring me to make my own tomato soup!

jackie - Thanks! No luck yet, but still hoping!

suldog - Exactly! I think we all have very similar childhood memories when it comes to this combo. What a great conversation starter!

nina - LOL! Yup! 5 sounds good to me. : )

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