Massachusetts Senate Race

Today I voted for Martha Coakley for Senator. This special election to replace Senator Ted Kennedy is a big one.

I have to say that I'm feeling rather ambivalent. I was a Mike Capuano supporter and was very disappointed when he didn't win the primary. I think Martha Coakley is a good Attorney General and I believe that she could be a very good Senator too.

Am I really excited about that prospect? No. Not really. Today I voted for the Democratic Party. And that's about it.

The polls close in just under an hour. I'm not sure when the votes will be tallied, but it's looking like our next Senator will be Scott Brown.

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Chris said…
We voted for Coakley too. Our polling place was packed. Although knowing this town, that's not good news.
Nina said…
Not a good day for the Democratic Party...I'm feeling pretty anxious about what could happen next.
FH said…
Unfortunately she lost but it was a run! :))

I posted a photo MLK's birth house, check it out.
El said…
Sad day for Massachusetts.
Can-Can said…
I put all my feelings on my blogpost today about this campaign. I voted against Scott Brown rather than for Martha Coakley.
Tracy said…
I was very sad to read in today's paper that she lost... :o( Was so hoping she'd get in! Not the best moment for MA. It will be interesting to see what happens... Happy Day, Anali ((HUGS))
Se'lah said…
well, looking forward, I hope that some improvements can be made in the lives of the people...and not just more bickering in Washington.
Lisa Johnson said…
chris - My mom said that it was crowded there too, but the line moved along. She was thinking that Brown might win, because she saw so many signs for him around town.

nina - I guess it's time to reorganize!

asha - I just saw your post. I'm so behind in my blog rounds!

el - Welll, I guess it was a very loud wake-up call.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - I just read your post today. I think many of us were feeling the same way. Not really for her, just against him. It wasn't enough. Republicans had the momentum behind them.

tracy - It will be interesting to see how he votes. He says that he's independent-minded and not beholden to any party. We'll see about that...

se'lah - There is so much work to be done. But it seems like the bickering is intesifying. Let's hope that things change.

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