Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Color Purple

1. Purple and Orange Starfish on the Beach, 2. Purple Vegan Combat Boots, 3. Purple mushrooms, 4. A Sunset is a colored poem that ends up Amethyst
* * * * *
PURPLE is another flickr gallery that I've curated. SILVER was the first. You're invited to take a look .

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Nina said...

Hi Anali! I'm happy to report that my Lurking Days are long gone! Lol!

I love the purple pics, very nice!

alessandra said...

I love purple, and the gallery..gorgeous.

Bellini Valli said...

Yes I am a lurker Anali. Have a great day:D

style and inspiration said...

I didn't know it was delurking day on the 14th! I'm going go have to have a delurking day on my blog!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I hope your mom had a nice visit to South Carolina. It has been cold in the upstate where I live.

It was so funny to see you feature of purple. One of the toddler sites I follow featured teaching about purple just last week.

Have great weekend! Thanks for stopping by.

Anali said...

nina - Thanks for being a great commenter from way back! ; )

alessandra - I had so much fun finding the pictures! Such a joy!

bellini valli - Thanks for lurking and de-lurking! Great day to you too!

style and inspiration - It always sneaks up on me too!

jdaniel4's mom - She did enjoy herself and said that it was in the 60's when she left. She didn't need a coat until she got back here to more snow. Well, that's January in New England...

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