Coffee? / Un cafetito?

Coffee? / Un cafetito?
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Every day I drink a cup of coffee. It completes me. Yeah, I said it!

The smell, taste, look, and feel of it just makes my day. And when I have it outside and there's ambience, that's all the better.

I like my coffee strong, but sweetened too. How do you like your coffee?

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alessandra said…
Oh, I love cappuccino with cookies in the morning :)
I LOVE my morning cup. I take my coffee with cream & sugar. When I treat myself to a coffeehouse drink, I always go for a mocha! In Italy I love cappuccinos.
jenious said…
I like espresso with steamed vanilla soy milk.
S said…
I like my coffee with cream and sugar. But not cold milk, real cream. If it's milk, it's got to be steamed and foamy. And then, instead of sugar, I prefer some vanilla syrup. In the summer, I want it cold. Or cold and blended.

But black coffee is still better than no coffee.
Hey! Found you on SITS...I only enjoy coffee on occassion. I have to be in the mood. So I don't really know much about coffee other than I had a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks a couple weeks ago that was incredibly yummy.
Lori said…
I love my coffee with just a hint of sugar and a side of banana bread! Yum!

Or with a Krispy Kreme donut that is fresh and hot...

Thanks for sharing my SITS day with me!
Can-Can said…
I like coffee not at all. Not since I burned my arm on the old electric percolater (or?) my parents had. I've tasted it, just doesn't do it for me and often the smell is a turn-off. I feel so left out of a good deal of the culture because there is a whole lot of coffee-love, coffee-time, coffee-dependency in this culture.
Give me tea - even that not every day.
Leslie said…
Half milk/half coffee, no sugar with whip cream on top. YUM!

“Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest”
Lisa Johnson said…
alessandra - Nice. And now the obvious question. Do you dunk? ; )

style + inspiration - Yum mocha! I think in Italy, I would love just about anything.

jenious - I've never tried using steamed milk at home. Good idea! I use vanilla rice milk, but it should work too.

s - I like vanilla syrup too! Just the other day, I was thinking that I need to get some.
Lisa Johnson said…
tonya - Welcome! Oooh white chocolate mocha sounds good!

peterson family - Thanks for dropping by! I agree about the banana bread. I'm getting ready to bake some later today.

can-can - Yikes! I think the burn might have turned me off to coffee as well. I like tea too though. I'll have to do a tea post! ; )

jam - Sounds good! Especially the whipped cream. ; ) Thanks for the blog visit!

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