WPIX Yule Log

Come sit by the fire and relax a while.

Grab a warm drink and a bite to eat.

And maybe contemplate the New Year.

Enjoy the dwindling days of this year and the decade.

2010 is right around the corner.

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furniture installation new york said…
What can I say? I just stumbled on the most creative blog. By the way, I checked out your stuff, you've got taste. As for your homepage, can I ask where you got your cork board to the left?
Suldog said…
I think it's wonderful that WPIX (and WGN, Chicago, for that matter) still broadcast the Yule Log. Truly a classy move on their parts.
Esme said…
Lisa Happy New Year.
Lisa Johnson said…
finy - Thank you. It's for ads that are part of the Boston Blog Ad Network. And instead of putting a commercial link here, which I immediately removed, you may want to consider placing an ad on this blog next time.

suldog - I saw a piece about it on the news. So cool that we can put it on our blogs too!

esme - Happy 2010 to you!

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