Three For Under The Tree

I had so much fun writing the last post with three things that I'd like to see under the tree. So I thought I'd do it again.

This week's version is made up of some simple things. Again, the photos are from the company's websites. I wasn't paid or given anything from these companies. I just like their style!

1. Custom Lip Balm

Lip Balm Labz let's you mix your own lip balm. At all times, I have lip gloss or balm with me. You'll find different flavors scattered around the house and in different pocketbooks. I could really go to town on this website!

2. The Art of Eating Magazine

Just today, I learned about The Art of Eating Magazine. So many things to read, but so little time! Have any of you read this? It looks really interesting.

3. Red + White Bakery Twine

As a kid, I remember the scent and excitement of being in a bakery. I loved that my mom baked at home, but it was exciting going to a bakery too.

When you left with that cardboard box wrapped in red and white bakery twine, somehow that twine made it feel like authentic bakery heaven! Even as an adult, it still makes me a little giddy. And I've found that there are other colors too!

Those are my three for under the tree this week! Do you have your own trio to share? Please comment away!

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Tracy said…
So sweet to see a photo of the young Anali here... cute then, cute now! ;o) With so much on and less than 2 weeks until our trip, I'm slow making the visiting rounds just now...LOL! But great to catch up on your latest posts, Anali. And I really like this week's three! I like the idea of make-your own lip balm--endless possibilities. I'd not heard of this magazine at all...looks/sounds like fun. Red/white bakery twine. There for a while it seemed to disappear, so it is wonderful to see its revival! Thanks for sharing such good things. Happy Day, my friend :o) ( HUGS))
SE'LAH... said…
custom lip balms sounds divine.
never woulda thought of that.
Lisa Johnson said…
tracy - So glad you like the picture! I've been slow with my rounds this week too. It's hard to keep up with everyone. I hope you have a great trip back here. And glad you like this week's three! : )

se'lah - Me neither! I love it!

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