Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook Winner Is...

Eve! Congratulations to you!

With all your entries, the odds certainly were in your favor. Also maybe your spreading the word on so many contests generated extra good karma.

Well, whatever the reason, your number came up! It was the facebook entry that did it. I'll be contacting you by email to get your address and send you the cookbook.

Again, thank you to everyone who participated! Best of luck next time. Remember there's still another contest going on here. You can still enter to win a $150.00 Spa Gift Card. You have until November 30th to enter.

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Eve said...

Thank you! cant wait to receive it. I entered all the blog her giveaways that you posted. hopefully I win one of those. Could use a spa date.

Anali said...

eve - You're welcome and congratulations again! I just mailed your book today. Good luck on the other contests too. : )

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