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I was so inspired by Christina's Pink Thoughts post last week, that I decided to do one more. She bravely shared her experience of having her first mammogram. In the comment section, others were inspired to make an appointment for one as well. That is powerful and profound. She may have saved a life.

You never know what doing one simple thing can do, so I decided to share some more Pink Thoughts with you today. If I can inspire one woman to have that mammogram that she may be putting off. If I can inspire one man to talk to a woman in his life about getting a mammogram, then this little post just may be worth something.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Friday, October 16th is National Mammography Day. According to this website, radiologists provide free or discounted screening mammograms, and women are encouraged to make a mammography appointment.

Unfortunately, breast cancer runs in my family. But there have been many survivors. My mom is a survivor for over twenty years. I've been getting mammograms since I was 35. They aren't fun. I won't lie. And I have found them to be very uncomfortable. I still get very nervous each time. But the best way to beat breast cancer is to prevent it or catch it in the earliest stages. So that's what I try to do. The discomfort is worth it. And I try to do something nice to treat myself after.

Like how about some pink cookies? Or some pink teabags in a pink tea cup? That sounds comforting to me!

*Updated 10/15/09* I'm doing a lot of updating today! In keeping with the spirit of this post, I want to share a blog post that was inspired by this one. This wonderful blogger, dancing doc, shares her story of being a physician and a breast cancer patient and survivor.

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mati said…
right you are - early detection is the best way to beat the diease! As you may know i am a 12 year survivor of metastatic breast CA- with nearly 8 years of chemo- i am also a health care refugee seeking care and recovery in my husbands nation of France- i could not continue to work due to the effects of long term chemo and needed to work to afford health care---alas- i am over the moon for the USA finally making strides with healthcare!

yas, indeed the ball was spectacular and the Pres. did want to get on your dance card but, as you say you were rather taken with Jonny!

In honor of your post for mammograms!!!i will post a pink one too!!!
avec joie
Lisa Johnson said…
dancing doc - I'm so glad that you shared your story. But sad that you had such a story to tell. You've been through quite a lot. I do hope that we can get a better health care system here in the US. It really cannot wait any longer. It is time.

And that ball was so much fun! ;)
christina said…
how beautiful! yes, early detection- the best way to begin that fight!
Lisa Johnson said…
christina - Hopefully, through all our posts, we've done some good! ; )

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