A Bite To Eat In San Francisco

Today I'm posting over at K's Blog. Please come on over to her blog for A Day in the Life to read some more about my trip to California and a great restaurant called Samovar.

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hey lisa, i was in san fran earlier this year and missed this restaurant. i must keep better notes when i travel!
Esme said…
This is too ironic-I was in SF this weekend and the conceirge told me about Samovar-but I spent too much time at the bookstore and then we went to dim sum and then back to Ferry Market Place and oops it was time to leave. Now I am sad I did not make it there. oh well another trip.
Lisa Johnson said…
styleandinspiration - Maybe you'll catch it next time!

esme - I guess it's quite the popular place! I'm sure you'll make sure that you get there next time.
christina said…
these photos are gorgeous!
Lisa Johnson said…
christina - Thank you! ; )

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