A Wishing Post

Remember when you were a little kid, and you heard that you could throw a coin into a water fountain or a well and make a wish that would come true?

I've always liked the magic in that idea. Making wishes. Sometimes I've even wished for something trivial and it immediately came true.

I thought, "I hope I didn't just waste a wish." Like if I had only wished for world peace instead of a good parking space, it might have come true.

Reading Relyn's blog post about wishing made me think about birthday wishes and all kinds of wishes. One time when my co-workers gave me a cake, I was told that not only will your wish come true when you blow out the candles, but that you get a second wish when you cut the first piece of cake.

All those wishes I missed out on over the years! Now I tell everyone on their birthday. "Make your second wish!"

It also reminds me of that wishing warning. "Be careful what you wish for." All the myths and language that we have tied up in wishing fascinates me. Maybe that's why I love the name of the blog your wishcake. Isn't that the coolest name and concept?

I've decided to borrow a little something from her blog. Her idea for a birthday request. For her birthday, she does a birthday delurk post! I really like that idea. So as part of my birthday month celebration, I'm encouraging any lurkers to delurk. Please leave a comment and let me know who you are!
And do you want to know the best part? It's called "a wishing post" because if you leave a comment, and make a wish, your wish* will come true!

Also, one of my small and frequent wishes around this time of year is for sunflowers. I found these beauties at the farmer's market on Thursday. What a treat!

*Disclaimer - No wishes on this post are guaranteed to come true. Sorry people! I still hope that they do!

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T. said…
I love this post! I have a couple more wishing opportunities for you: you can make a wish on any bruise whose origin you can't remember, and on the first snow fall. That last one is from a Russian friend. Now every year with the first snow I make a wish and think of her.
Happy birthday :) I love sunflowers too, don't see them around here too often :)
What beautiful pics!!! happy Birthday! :)
PixieDust said…
Wishing you the best in everything... and so happy you found the sunflowers! My favorite flowers ever!


LOVE the disclaimer, heehee - hey! best to cover all basis, yes?

Hmmmm... I wish for a beautiful card from a lovely blogger - Your right! It works! I received your postcards, along with the lovely card you made me! Thank you...


Happy birthday! I've never heard about some of these wishing opportunities. I guess I've missed out on a few wishes over the years too ...! : )
Tracy said…
What a fun post, Anali...and even more so with the disclaimer at the end--LOL! I like the idea of a second wish... :o)
SE'LAH... said…
Love the disclaimer! Typical lawyer. LOL.

shilpa said…
Happy Birthday!!
Sometimes wishing can make the ride so much sweeter...don't you think?
Lisa Johnson said…
t - I love those new wishing opportunities! All those snowfall wishes that I missed out on. Well, I'll make-up this year. Hopefully it won't be too soon though.

the trinigourmet - Thank you so much for stopping by and for the birthday wishes! My sunflowers are still going strong a week later too! : )

sheila - Welcome and thanks for the birthday wishes! And congratulations on your 100th book review!

pixiedust - So glad your wish came true! Glad you liked the card and received the postcards. I'm so looking forward to receiving mine too!
Lisa Johnson said…
twenty four at heart - Thank you! Now we both have a few more wishing opportunities! : )

tracy - Thanks! The more wishes the better. ; )

se'lah - You know that we have to put them out there! :D

shilpa - Thank you so much! Much sweeter! : )
K. said…
Happy belated birthday!!! I LOVE the wishing post idea!!! Might have to do that someday...
Lisa Johnson said…
k - Thank you! I like to think that it worked and everyone's wishes came true. : )

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