Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday President Obama!

I know you like apples, but please do have some cake today. Happy 48th and many more!

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Margie said...

The apples do look good but I hope
President Obama does have a piece of cake.
I shall wish him happy bday, too!

Been a long time since I have been here....hope all is wonderful in your life!


willow said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!!!! :D

Nance said...

Just read that he took time from his own birthday to wish journalist Helen Thomas a personal happy birthday. He appeared in the White House press briefing room and led the corps in singing Happy Birthday to her. What a kind thing to do!

Esme said...

Happy B'day to our President

Nina said...

I'm still amazed over Obama, I really am.

Anali said...

margie - Great to see you around again! I'm very well. I'll have to stop by your blog and see what you're up to.

willow - I saw the news and I think he had a good one.

nance - I saw that! It was so sweet! And he brought her cupcakes too.

esme - Thanks for the birthday wish for him!

nina - Me too! : )

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