Chocolate Cake With Nutella frosting

I'm really loving the sharing option on flickr!

You can do a very quick blog post or tweet. Have you tried it?

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PixieDust said…
I flickr, but don't often post... I don't know if I'll ever get used to tweeting, but I'm determined to give it a try!



Oh! and the weekend is here! I've been waiting for the weekend to try out your copycat cake - Yum!

SYD said…
My best friend made ma something similar for my birthday. The frosting was made with Nutella and Buttercream. It was amazing.

Then again, anything with Nutella is. MMMMMMMMhhhhhhh
Wow, now that looks good! Haven't tried the Flickr option yet--that sounds neat.

I read that you are on the agenda at BlogHer Food in San Fran. I will be there as an attendee so we'll get to meet. :-)

OMG! You can put Nutella frosting on chocolate cake? Why haven't I done that yet???
Nance said…
sometimes I am afraid to sneak in and peek at your blog because it leads me into food indiscretions. THIS POST is why!!! bad anali.

nutella nutella nutella...!!!!
Lisa Johnson said…
pixiedust - It's late Sunday night or Monday morning actually. I wonder if you tried the cake??!!

brentwood kitchen shopper - That's one good friend you have there! My frosting was pretty similar. I didn't measure, but threw together Nutella, Smart Balance, powdered sugar, and vanilla.

shirley - Yes! We will get to meet! I'm so excited! We are going to have a blast there!

ngip - Well, you'd best get to it soon! Something like this shouldn't wait.

nance - You of all people know that I'm up to no good! You've been visiting her far too long to feign ignorance.

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