Three Guys Having A Drink After Work

Could they look any more uncomfortable? I sure hope something positive comes out of this scene.

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Karoli said…
I hope something good comes from it too. Crowley looks especially uncomfortable.
Suldog said…
It's the table. In order to truly enjoy a beer, and engage in good (constructive?) conversation, a bar is needed. And no cameras.
Nance said…
This was horrid to look at. Beer and SUITS/TIES?!?!?!? Come ON.
Cynthia said…
I'm uncomfortable looking at it.
Lisa Johnson said…
karoli - Welcome! I've heard that there will be a lunch coming up between Crowley and Gates. We'll see...

suldog - The table does look kind of weird. And it's so empty!

nance - I know! I thought they would be casual. Very odd.

cynthia - Aren't we all! Nice to see you here again by the way. : )
They should have taken the photo after the first beer ... that might have helped a some. And, that is very uncomfortable looking furniture indeed, not to mention the buttoned up attire like Nance said. I think the meeting had to help if even a little though ... I hope.

Lisa Johnson said…
shirley - There is supposed to be more dialogue between Gates and Crowley, and the whole ordeal did make people talk. Maybe something good has come out of it and we just don't know it yet. And I think you're right about the beer. :D

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