25 Great Blog Post Ideas

Today I'm happy to tell you that we have as a guest blogger, "K the Blogger." K was recently interviewed on The Sunday Roast, where we learned a little more about her very recent blog beginnings.

I've enjoyed K's writing from day one and love her sense of humor. Especially when she decided to rename her blog. As she said, "If Oprah can have an 'O' Magazine, Why Can't I Have a 'K' Blog?" Thanks again for writing this post!

Hello Anali's First Amendment Readers!

I am so honored to have been invited by Lisa to write this guest post for you! I have to be honest: I have been racking my brain for a couple of weeks trying to think of what to write about. My blog is sort of a lifestyle blog and so I write on a LARGE variety of topics (art, fashion, recipes, books, family, friends and more) and so the possibilities of the things I could write for you were ENDLESS! I kept asking myself what it is you might want to know and I just could not settle on one subject.

Finally, it dawned on me that the one thing all of us probably have in common is that we're all bloggers/writers. So, I thought, what could I write about that would interest you, dear reader, as a blogger?

It occurred to me that since I was having a hard time thinking of what to blog about, maybe sometimes my fellow bloggers have trouble thinking of things to blog about, too. Why not make a list of ideas of things to blog about based on things I have actually blogged about on my blog? (Now try and say that fast 3 times.)

Anyway, that's exactly what I did! Here's my list for you:

25 Great Blog Post Ideas

1. write about a pet peeve
2. discuss a beautiful piece of art
3. display a great photograph you took
4. do a recipe post
5. have a giveaway contest
6. show off something you created
7. do a book review
8. discuss your fashion obsession
9. reveal an embarrassing moment
10. crack yourself up
11. write a (really bad) poem
12. write a story about work
13. make a bucket list
14. discuss current events
15. blog about a new word you learned
16. write an open letter to someone famous
17. do a rant about something that annoys you
18. discuss a famous quote/poem you love
19. show off something you've gotten published
20. discuss your favorite music
21. talk about what you did today
22. do a how-to post
23. blog about your favorite TV show
24. write a funny story about a family member or friend
25. write a post about writing posts (like this one! heehee...)

Anyway, I hope I've fired up your imaginations and given you at least a couple of great blog post ideas! Thanks for reading and please do come by and visit sometime!

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T. said…
Oh my gosh, two of my FAVORITE bloggers in one place! Yay!

K., this is absolutely GREAT. Thank you for this post!
K. said…

THANK YOU! How kind of you to offer up your blog to me for a day! I'll be putting up a post now to direct my readers here...

And thanks, T., for the kind words...

Have a great day, girls!

Awesome piece, K. Thanks for sharing with us!! I might just print this one up and post in on my fridge ... okay I will for sure.

Suldog said…
It's a great list. I would have included "Publish Naked Photos Of Yourself", but that's just my own personal fantasy regarding female bloggers and I'd hate to see how my readership would plummet if I had to take my own advice :-)
Mr.man said…
Thanx for the great post, I ended up doing a recipe post check it out...

Cheffie-Mom said…
Great list! Thanks for letting me visit!
Lisa Johnson said…
t - You're such a sweetie! Thank you.

k - You're welcome! This was fun!

jgregg - Welcome and thanks for stopping by and supporting K!

suldog - LOL! I remember your doing a post on your blog about this topic.

mr.man - Welcome! Thanks for the comment! K does inspire doesn't she?

cheffie-mom - Thanks for stopping by! Please do visit again!
Archana said…
K's blog rocks. :) I love stopping by because she's always got something different to talk about!
Lisa Johnson said…
archana - Thanks for stopping by! I agree with you. K's blog rocks! ; )
Ah, great ideas! I've done several of these already. Some just come naturally I think like ranting about something that annoys you ... I can do a good rant. LOL

Now I'll go check out K's blog. :-)

Lisa Johnson said…
shirley - I think we all like a good rant every now and then. : )
I copied and pasted the list of ideas so that I have them for a rainy day; Um, dry day. I live in Arizona.
Lisa Johnson said…
pouty lips - Welcome! I'm sure you'll make good use of the list - dry or rainy! ; )
Bess Seidler said…
Great Ideas!

I just started my new blog, and it takes me forever to think of something creative. Would you take a look at my blog and give me any feedback you could? Im a poor college student with too much free time I think... but I do like to make it entertaining.


Love the blog! It's inspiring!
Lisa Johnson said…
bess - Welcome! Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comments. I'll check out your blog soon. ; )
Lisa Johnson said…
shekhar - Glad you liked the post. Thanks for the visit!
Ken Wooi said…
Thank you for the ideas! :)
Lisa Johnson said…
ken - Glad you enjoyed!

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