Wanna Walk With Me?

My walk and post were inspired by Claudia's post about flower boxes.

I looked for flower boxes, but didn't find many. While I was walking, I was talking to my mother on the phone. She said, "It's too early for flower boxes in Massachusetts. The nights are still cold."

She was right, but I did see some flowers along the way. I saw many pretty little scenes. But mostly I realized that I wasn't going to find the scenes of Paris here, because this is Quincy.

I'm more likely to find those flower box scenes on Beacon Hill or in the Back Bay in July. But I love living in Quincy. It has its own distinct beauty.

I love that there is water everywhere. Even when you're not at the beach, you come across rivers, streams, and ponds.

It's a joy to walk here.

There are colorful bushes in yards.

Lots of curb appeal here. I can't stop taking pictures!

I wonder what these will look like in a couple of months? Once the warmer weather takes hold.

We can't take the warm weather for granted here in New England. It really only lasts from May through September.

And not only is there water and flowers. There's lots of history. You remember those two guys who used to live here? A long time ago. John and his son John Quincy. Last name Adams?

There was a little HBO special about them. They were the 2nd and 6th U.S. Presidents. Yeah, them! Well, you don't have to walk far until you see something relating to their lives here. Quincy is the City of Presidents after all.

Well, my walk came to an end. Along with the day. As the sun set and I headed home, I was reminded of how close Quincy is to Boston, when I took a picture of the Boston skyline with the iconic John Hancock and the Prudential looming in the distance.

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Nance said…
I teach American lit, and I always say, "Massachusetts is the seat of America's rebellion." So many great movements started there! You're lucky to have history in your own backyard.
K. said…
great pics...I'm inspired to post some pics tonight--took some in the yard--I'll see if any are good enough...
Hey sorry I haven't visited in a bit...I get busy and have to sacrifice the blog visiting (which stinks!) but I always return!
Esme said…
What a lovely spring piece.

xo Esme
SE'LAH... said…
I love going on walks!
Great photos.
John and john...too funny.
Quincy is beautiful.
Suldog said…
I believe the sort of beauty found in New England (and so well-chronicled by you here) far outstrips anything Paris has to offer. Just my two cents as a Boston boy :-)
Jen said…
Thanks for the inspirational post. Spring has arrived!
mati said…
love your blog,thanks for stopping by mine- your photos are sublime and take me back to NE- and the slow ,lovely unraveling of spring!have a super day:)
ps I am enjoying your music selection! Salut!
Brandi Reynolds said…
absolutely lovely photos! I wouldn't be able to resist all the flowers either. :-)

and wow-john and john quincy adams! that's so cool!
I thoroughly enjoyed all your photos (especially the one with the reflections in the water) and it's wonderful you love your town so much.

BTW, my son was an extra in the John Adams series. We haven't seen it yet. He's done other historical movies, but in this one his part (well, what stayed in anyway) was pretty limited ... just one scene where he's holding the flag. Still a great experience for him. :-)

Oh, I voted for the church ... will vote again tomorrow.

Lisa Johnson said…
nance - I really do enjoy it here!

kirti - Thanks! I appreciate all the times that you DO stop by! I don't know how you do it all. You must have extreme time management skills! ; )

esme - Thank you!
Lisa Johnson said…
se'lah - Quincy is a great walking city. There will be more photos!

suldog - LOL! Thanks for your biased compliments! ; )

jen - Thanks! And soon summer. How time flies!
Lisa Johnson said…
dancing doc - Welcome and thank you for the sweet words! ; )

brandi - Yup! Two John Adams for the price of one! ; )

shirley - That's so cool that your son was in the series! And thank yo so much for voting for the church! :D
sunnymama said…
What a delightful walk and beautiful pictures!

Thank you for calling by at our blog for Se'Lah's guest post on Monday. I've enjoyed visiting your blog too and taking this walk with you was lovely :)
Lisa Johnson said…
sunnymama - Welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed the walk. : )

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