Having My Cake + Eating It Too!

I have to get out of the house with this cake and soon!

This Greek yogurt cake was made with OIKOS Organic Greek Yogurt and I'm looking forward to having a slice. Get the recipe here.

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Commented on your review site about this gorgeous cake, but just wanted to ad that you have the cleanest looking refrigerator ever!! You should see mine right now. Full of food in packages stacked up on each other. LOL

Tess Kincaid said…
Yummies! This cake looks moist and delicious!
Justice Fergie said…
ooo thanks for this recipe! the cake looks fab. funy - i JUST discovered this yogurt a couple of weeks ago and i'm hooked.

glad to have found your blog!


have you heard about www.blogaliciousweekend.com?
Suldog said…
Greek Yogurt is good stuff, so I imagine the cake is yummy.
Lisa Johnson said…
shirley - Thanks! I'm a neat freak, so it never gets too bad.

willow - It was very light, moist and full of flavor. I'll be making it again! ; )

justice fergie - Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I'll have to stop by that blog and see what it's all about. Thanks for the info!

suldog - I loved it!
Yum! I love yogurt cakes. They're always so deliciously moist.
Eva said…
That looks so yummy!
Lisa Johnson said…
susan - I agree! I'm ready to make another one soon.

grey street girl - Thank you!

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