Friday, May 8, 2009

Don't Go To KFC Hungry!

I learned the hard way. Today, which is Friday, should have been long past the anticipated mayhem and pandemonium of the first day of the Oprah's KFC offer.

Behind the scenes, I've been busy the past few days. Working to make sure I met several deadlines. I finished everything on time and planned to go food shopping afterwards. I try not to shop when I'm hungry, so I will usually eat at home first.

But luckily, I had saved my KFC coupon. So I didn't eat first and planned to swing by KFC on my way home and take the food to go. Then I could unpack my groceries and try some of their new grilled chicken. I was really hungry by the time that I arrived at KFC and was looking forward to my meal. Did I say that I was hungry?

Okay. So I finish my grocery shopping, drive a little out of my way through traffic to get there. But it's okay, because they're going to feed me for free. Right? Wrong!!!

I waited in line for about ten minutes in the little cramped KFC on Hancock Street in Quincy. All the while smelling the food and mistakenly thinking they are going to give me some. There is food there and I can see it. They are giving it to people in front of me. It was almost my turn at the register when the man at the counter announced that the coupons weren't being accepted anymore. Anyone with a coupon would have to fill out a rain check form with their name and address and a coupon would be mailed to them. WTF!!?? They have got to be kidding!! Why should anyone have to give their personal information.

When they partnered up with Oprah, they should have anticipated huge numbers. They should have been ready. None of this should have surprised them. What kind of bait and switch is this? I don't want them to have my name and address. I just wanted some free grilled chicken, a biscuit, and two sides. End of relationship unless I chose to go there again to buy something else. Right now I have a really bad taste in my mouth when it comes to KFC.

I read that the competing chicken chain El Pollo Loco is taking advantage of this KFC PR nightmare. Good for them. And they take competitor coupons. Okay, end of my chicken rant.

*Updated 10/26/09* I just read an article stating that KFC is trying the free grilled chicken giveaway again. Maybe it will turn out better today, but I don't plan on going.

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Ron Newman said...

Unfortunately there's only one El Pollo Loco in the Boston area, and it appears to be in a very obscure location in Chelsea (not in the center of town or along any of the many Chelsea bus lines)

Adam Gaffin said...

If Keith Olbermann did a Worst Company in the World segment, I think KFC would be a front runner this week.

Chris said...

Just more proof that Oprah is Satan and KFC is Hell's cafeteria.

SE'LAH... said...

I never respond to other people's comments and I'm not going to start now.

Having said that, your home cooked meals are probably healthier anyways. I know you got skills in the kitchen!

Anali said...

ron newman - Thanks for stopping by! I noticed that too. Maybe they will go the way of Chipotle and start moving into Massachusetts in a big way.

adam gaffin - I agree. And they probably should get some sort of special honor for managing to destroy so much good will in such a short amount of time.

chris - LOL! You're a nut! ; )

se'lah - Well, I certainly ended up having a much healthier meal. I chopped up some cucumber and put some salad dressing on it and heated up a Trader Joe's Mango Chicken Sausage. It was quite good actually. Luckily I was able to find something to put together quickly. I was famished! ; )

Grey Street Girl said...

Ugh. I would hate to wait and then get nothing. Sorry you had to go through that! I wonder if their new grilled chicken is any good, but I'm too lazy to go try it. :)

Kirti said...

LOL! I'm sorry to laugh, but what a funny post...
Thanks for the warning, too...we've been dying to try the new baked chicken! =)

Oh, and I LOVE the word 'fantabulous'...thanks for leaving that for me...I've got to make a list somewhere on my page...

josephine said...

geez, what a bummer! i know what it feels like to crave certain food and then feel totally robbed of it. if we lived near each other, i would seriously make you a homemade fried chicken dinner :)

Anali said...

grey street girl - The grilled chicken looked pretty tasty to me too. And for Oprah to partner with them, I figured it had to be good. It's not like she needed the money.

But now KFC is off my chicken list, so I don't plan to go there and find out. Like in Jaws 4,this time it's personal! : )

kirti - Laughing at my pain! How could you??!! My chicken sorrow continues! Just kidding. There will be other chicken. Just not from KFC. :D

josephine - Thank you! And I would have accepted! Too bad you didn't live closer. ; )

Nichole said...

It's me Nichole. LOL. Good to see you this weekend. I have a similar KFC story that was thoroughly annoying. Went there with my free coupon in tow a couple of days after the offer started. A homeless guy at the door tells me that they are not accepting coupons when I try to give him my extra coupon. That should have been my tip, but I wanted to investigate. I waited in line for five minutes knowing that he was probably right but my plan was to order the wings since I'm already in line. The wings were good but I definitely thought bait and switch.

Anali said...

nichole - Hey there! I had a great time this weekend. Thanks for hanging with me. : )

The KFC thing felt SO bait and switch! I have my hopes up for Friendly's though. And the yoga classes look fun too.

Nichole said...

I definitely want to do the yoga. I called and it's from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. I won't make it this Saturday but will be there other Saturdays. Call if you're going and I'll do the same.

Anali said...

nichole - I'll definitely let you know. ; )

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