Anali's Got A Brand New Bag!

James Brown wasn't singing about this bag, but I love it just the same.

Isn't it adorable? It was a free Earth Day gift from Hannaford Supermarket. What a great idea!

I was doing my grocery shopping yesterday and someone asked if I wanted a free bag. Well, of course! The bag is reusable, so it was a great idea for Earth Day. I love the design!

It turns out that the artist is a kid! Her name is Zara Davis, and she won a contest sponsored by Hannaford. The contest was for kids in grades 1-8. Regardless of her age, Zara is a remarkable artist who we'll probably be seeing more from in the future. Congratulations Zara! Your design is a hit!

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S said…
That bag is way cooler than my generic reusable bags, complete with logo from the store that sold them. What a great contest and how neat for that kid.
Lisa Johnson said…
s - Thanks! It was a cool contest and a great way to get kids thinking about art.
Nina said…
What a cool bag! And it was free?! That makes evertything better, doesn't it!
Lisa Johnson said…
nina - Thanks! Free stuff does always feel better! ; )
That is a fun bag! Great contest like you said. It's always more meaninful to have a contest with a real purpose in mind. Very cool for Zara. That's definitely the kind of bag that makes you happy when you use it. :-)

SE'LAH... said…
Talk about grocery shopping in style...great Earth Day gift.
Lisa Johnson said…
shirley - Thanks! I have a bunch of reusable shopping bags now, but if I have to pick just one, that's my favorite.

se'lah - It's so cute, that I'd like to see it on more things. It would be a cute T-shirt too.

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