TV Converter Box Coupon Program Update

Yes we can! We can get replacement coupons for coupons that expired before we could buy our TV Converter Boxes.

I just read a press release here which includes the following.
"As the June 12 deadline for the nationwide conversion to digital TV approaches, the TV Converter Box Coupon Program has begun to accept replacement requests from eligible households whose coupons expired without being redeemed."

Find out more about the update to the Coupon Program by clicking here. I just applied online for replacement coupons and received a confirmation that my application was approved. So come June 13th, which is not a Friday by the way, I should be able to keep watching TV.

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David Sullivan said…
and we expect government to fix the economy...stuff like this tests my liberal leanings
Lisa Johnson said…
david sullivan - It definitely could have been handled better. They probably would have saved millions of dollars if they had just not put an expiration date on the coupons. Or made the expiration date contingent on the actual date of the DTV switch. Oh well...

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