Sort Of A Restaurant Review

So much for all that walking. It's on hold for now. I had been feeling so good. Maybe a bit too good.

I decided to bust a yoga move while doing some stretching and did a downward facing dog. I've never really liked that pose, but felt like I needed a big stretch. Well, big mistake. My pinched nerve got aggravated again and now I'm hobbling around in much pain. *sigh*

While I'm sitting down I'm fine, so I'm getting a lot of writing done. But cooking? Not so much. It hurts to stand for too long, so last night G and I ordered in. Which we very rarely do. Partly, because I like to cook, but also the cost. Oh, it hurt me to my heart. But it was fun to try a new place. I've noticed the restaurant before, because it has a cute little duck design on it. Adorable!

We ordered from Little Duck Thai Restaurant on Granite Street in Quincy. They have a nice website, so we were able to look at the menu online. For an appetizer, we ordered Steamed Shumai. G ordered Seafood Yellow Curry, and I ordered Shrimp & Chicken Pad Thai.

We both shared and enjoyed everything. The vegetables in the curry were really good. The Pad Thai was good too, but did not have enough shrimp or chicken. I've never tried this place before, so I don't know if they were cutting the amount of meat because of the recession and they need to cut costs or what. But it would have been nice to have a little more protein. And we're still a little paranoid about the whole peanut salmonella thing, so we requested no peanuts.

That's it. This blog post is taking longer than I expected and Brothers & Sisters is on. Gotta go!

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Suldog said…
Oh, I adore a good curry! I especially like to get a truly HOT green curry chicken whenever I have a cold or flu. Livens me up and sweats out the bug at the same time!
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - I love curry, but can't take too much heat. The spices do seem to sweat out a cold though. That's why I like ginger in chicken soup. ; )

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