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Attorneys really get a bad rap. Dead lawyer jokes anyone? Some are just plain cruel and violent. And then when you hear about an attorney being killed for real, it's not funny.

If I can do a small part to change the perception in the greater community and maybe reduce some of the bitterness, well that would be a very good thing. Every once in a while, I'll do some posts highlighting some inspiring things that attorneys, whether practicing or not, are doing.

Below is a portion of an interview with Sarah Davis who will be talking about fashion on tomorrow's Oscar Pre-Show. Via ABA Journal.
"AuctionBytes: Your website says you started FashionPhile as a way to pay off your law school loans. Tell us about that, and do you currently practice law?

Sarah Davis: I loved law school, but I did not like the debt that went along with it. I began selling on eBay during law school and just really took to it. eBay was a gateway to a love of business- and entrepreneurship that I had seen seeds of, but just hadn't given much attention to. I passed the Texas Bar and fully expected to work as an attorney. But I had built up this business, and had a real love for it. It energized me and was a challenge and thrill at the same time. I decided that there was real potential in what I was doing, and I wanted to pursue it."

There must be something about attorneys in Texas, because they are doing some really interesting things. Then again, they have all ended up leaving the practice of law too. I'm not sure what this means, but with all the layoffs in the legal field recently, maybe their timing was right.

Here is an interview with David Buckner, who left law for yoga. Via ABA Journal.
And then many of you bloggers are already inspired by another Texas attorney, Karen Walrond, who has left the practice to focus on her writing and photography.

I'm not sure how often I'll do these posts. Maybe once a month. It will depend on the level of interest. If any of you are interested in being interviewed, having your work spotlighted, or know of someone who you think should be written about here, please send me an email. Maybe they will be some of the next Awesome Attorneys.

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Eva said…
Ha! These interviews and such are great! I'm a former Texas attorney too. I left Texas to get into the music business in Nashville. That sort of fell through and now my day job is in healthcare compliance. My night job, as you know, is writing and photography. So, I no longer practice and I'm loving life!

Keep these posts coming! They're so inspirational.
Lisa Johnson said…
grey street girl - Wow! You have quite an interesting story yourself. I'm glad you liked the post! ; )

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