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After reading about Sarah Palin and her family's $150,000.00 wardrobe costs, I started thinking about the amount of money and how it was spent. It was a lot of money and certainly not the amount that your average family gets to spend. But even more than the amount, they spent it at very large upscale nationwide retail department stores, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

All of Palin's talk about the true patriotic Americans in small towns doesn't quite equate to spending six figures at Neimans and Saks. But maybe that's just my unpatriotic big city elitist Obama supporting mind working overtime. I'm sure she and her family did need some new clothes, but she doesn't walk the walk. She only talks the talk.

We know Palin loves Joe the Plumber, but what about Sue the Seamstress and Tom the Tailor? Her family's clothing purchases could have been a great opportunity to support several small businesses. The economy is tanking and I'm sure there are some small shops in many small towns in America, or even the big bad cities, where her purchases could have made the difference between staying open in this rough economy and having to close or lay off employees.

If she had gone to four or five different shops, maybe they would have designed clothing especially for her and her family and charged even less money than they ended up spending. I'm sure they would have received some free publicity that would have further helped their business. Plus, she would have known that the clothing was made in America.

I love to visit etsy sellers online shops and see all the beautiful clothing there. There are tons of little shops online. Especially Wiksten and Uniform Studio, the two that I'm constantly drooling over. I so need some new clothes. If I could only justify that kind of money. And I'm sure there are some on Main Street too, not just online. But who did Sarah Palin choose to support? Just my two cents.

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Suldog said…
Well, I was about to comment and say that I'm sure Obama (and other candidates) aren't buying any second-hand suits, but then you started making sense. Damn you!

Yup, they could have given the business to smaller businesses. You're absolutely right. And shame on them for not doing so after all of the talk.
Nance said…
Good for you, Anali. Her handlers, however, aren't going to allow any journalists (from small OR big towns) to get close enough to ask her to comment on that, though. Sure would be great if someone in a rally crowd would.
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - I agree. Shame, shame on them!

nance - It seems that now they are trying to backtrack on the amount spent and talk about how she usually shops consignment. But they just don't seem to get how much good that money could have done.

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