My Mind Is Buzzing

I'm thinking a million miles a minute with all the things that I want to blog about but can't do all at once and have to figure out how to split them up into manageable bite size pieces.

Deep breath. Okay. This is my attempt. I'm giving myself a 15 minute limit for this post and then it's finished.

Watched the movie Made of Honor. Very disappointed. And I really wanted to like it. I was so happy to see Kadeem Hardison and Kevin McKidd. Plus I like Patrick Dempsey too. Oh well. Maybe the movie seemed trivial after watching The Visitor the night before. What an amazing movie!

Please. For your own good. See this movie. Loved it! The entire cast is incredible. Great writing, directing, cinematography. Although the portrayal of African-Americans as law enforcers is rather interesting...

The mother in the movie is played by Hiam Abbass, who I knew I recognized from another film, but couldn't think of. I just looked her up and now see that she was in The Syrian Bride. Another great film. I would write more, but my time limit is up, so that's it for now.

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Lara said…
Thanks for leaving a comment of support on my post today! Hope you have a great weekend.
Lisa Johnson said…
lara - You're very welcome! :D

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