Frightful Flickr Friday

Disneyland Weekend 018 via collectionlaw under Creative Commons . Photo cropped for this post.

Boo! Did I scare ya? I saw this picture and knew that I had to wake Flickr Friday from the dead. Remove it from the deep, treacherous, and cavernous archives of this blog for a special Halloween post. Did that scare ya?

I know. I know. Didn't think so. Anyway, on with the program. The Great Halloween Parrot has a very scary slide show for you to see.

Take a look. If you dare!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha. Remember, in a scary Vincent Price voice. Work with me people!

Happy Halloween! I hope you get really good candy. I mean... Um, I hope you get scared out of your wits!

*Updated* Here's a slideshow of my favorites. There are over 400 pictures now.

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1Northeast said…
Hello. Happy halloween! I looked over the photos and i liked that black cat. I like halloweens too- for the costumes :)
Anonymous said…
Anali! That freaked me out!!!

Lisa Johnson said…
foodhuntress - There were some pretty cool pictures! It's funny you mentioned the black cat. There was one wandering around my house and I was hoping to get a picture. It was never around when I had my camera though. :(

zen chef - I guess I completed my Halloween blog responsibilities then. : )

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