Eating Up Time

This is going to be another timed post. I'm trying to be more conscious of the time that I spend blogging, because so much of my time gets eaten up this way. I'm spending no more than one hour doing this post.

I've already assembled a few pieces, so hopefully it shouldn't take me too long. I started working on my quilt again. I hadn't worked on it in months, but accomplished a lot last week.

I was going to post some recipes, but things haven't gone as planned. I'll be baking some other things later in the week, so hopefully those will work out better. I rescued some soup broth from this past Spring and made some really delicious pumpkin soup.

Long story short. I was making soup without using a recipe. Throwing in this and that to make a creamy vegetable soup like I had done before. I used too much liquid and it ended up being a horrible mess that I couldn't eat. I didn't want to waste the soup, because I knew that I could fix it given the time and the inclination. However, the weather was getting too warm and I knew that I wouldn't be making soup again until Fall rolled around. So the two containers of soup sat in the freezer all summer next to the often used ice cream maker.

Recently, I sadly took the ice cream maker out of the freezer and put it away. Along with it, I grabbed a container of soup and defrosted it. It was already pretty well seasoned and just needed something to thicken it up.

I added a can of pumpkin, some Smart Balance and a little brown sugar. I cooked them for a bit in a soup pot and made pumpkin soup. Yum!

I also used some pumpkin to make waffles. They are pretty good, but the recipe still needs some tweaking, so I won't post it yet.

Well, it's an hour and I didn't get to the already assembled part yet. Hmmmm. Interesting.

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shilpa said…
Hi anali! Nice post...
I'm working on a quilt too...Its got hexagonal patches..its a design called Grandma's flower patch.
Do you have a cooking blog too? Whats the link ? I just started one..
amisha said…
i am so excited about your quilt! :) it looks beautiful so far.
today the weather cooled off a lot here... soup weather again!
Lisa Johnson said…
shilpa - Welcome! Thanks for stopping by Mrs. Mosi! : )

You must be way advanced in your quilting. I hope you blog about it, so I can see it. This is my main blog where I do my baking and cooking. It's just not all cooking all the time. I blog about lots of things, especially politics right now.

I had a blog only about cooking on another website. If you look on the top of my right sidebar, you can see an index of recipes that will bring you to another blog called Anali's Recipes, which will bring you to all the recipes that I've blogged about.

amisha - Thank you! It definitely is soup weather again. Right now my heat is cranked up! ; )
I have tried to set a timer for myself when i'm blogging. I usually run over. :( At least it's something I can continue to strive toward. :)

I love the quilt too. The shades of blue are so pretty.

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