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I know that this is not what booksellers want to read. Over the past few months, I've been increasing my visits to my local public library.

The library system in Quincy is excellent. The main branch was renovated a few years ago. It's just gorgeous.

There's a cafe in the lobby. It has an atrium ceiling filled with light and they have all sorts of programs. One of them, which looks very interesting to me, is called Cooking With Books, where people look at new cookbooks and share recipes. This month's theme is Apples. Yum!

Anyway, I've taken out several good books and DVDs. There's such a wide selection of everything here. I recently read An Accidental American, by Alex Carr. A really good book filled with suspense and international intrigue.

I'm currently reading, Chez Moi, by Agnes Desarthe. This is a wonderful food book about a woman who opens her own restaurant. However, as much as I love all the food and the quirky characters, in terms of cleanliness, this restaurant is my own personal nightmare. Sometimes I feel like I have clumps of hair and dirt between my teeth, because I'm getting so grossed out by reading it. I've never felt such ambivalence while reading a food book.

I have two books on hold, which I should be getting out by the end of the week. Dirty Girls On Top, by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez and Petite Anglaise, by Catherine Sanderson, another blogger who got a book deal.

Have you been visiting your local library? And just for fun, here's a cool blog to check out called Librarian On The Run. It's written by a funny local blogger who happens to be a librarian.

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Suldog said…
I love libraries; always have. One of the saddest days of my life was when my little library in Dorchester, from my youth, was moved to a different building. Loved the atmosphere of the old one, while the new one was antiseptic.

The Watertown library is excellent, and it is part of the Minuteman Library Network, an organizing of the many libraries from the Metro West area. Truly superb selection. I rarely find them not having something I need.

And "Librarian On The Run" is a fun read!
starry said…
I love going to the library too.I thnk it is a fun place and you don't have to pay for the boks.and ther is an unending supply.
David Sullivan said…
My kids and I go to the library weekly. I love it as much as they do!
karmic said…
Hey Anali. How are you? I hope you are doing well.
Loved reading about your local library. Ours sounds similar to what you have in Quincy. Sadly I don't got here as often.
Loved reading about Chez Moi, I have read it to see why it makes you feel so ambivalent.
DGOT sadly feels familiar with it's own twist, although Petite Anglaise sounds a lot more interesting.
Thank you for sharing those.
So So Simple said…

I love the library Since I joined nearly 3 years ago I have taken out
377 books. They have your reading history list that's how I know how many...Imagine how much that would have cost me. I still buy books but now only keepers.
Mainly books about food. My husband buys books on sailing.
Fabulous to request on line and they email you when the books are in.
Only about 3 times have they not been able to confirm my order.
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - I think there's a special attachment formed with our childhood libraries. I grew up in Bridgewater and their library system is falling apart. It breaks my heart.

starry nights - I've always loved libraries too. There's something really comforting having lots of books around.

david sullivan - I should do a weekly visit too, just to poke around and see what's there.
Lisa Johnson said…
sanjay - So good to see you around again! ; ) I think DGOT is probably better than you think actually. It's the second in a series and the first one was great. I'm almost done with Chez Moi. It is a beautifully written book. I hope you like it!

so simple - Wow! 377 books! That would have been thousands of dollars. I'm the same with only buying books that are keepers. If I'm just going to read it once, there's no point to buying it.
dmarks said…
Booksellers won't mind: Libraries are often among booksellers's best customers, really.
Lisa Johnson said…
dmarks - You're right! Ok, I feel less guilty. ; )

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