Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Left On Red

You can turn right on red while driving in Massachusetts. It's a serious pet peeve of mine, when people don't do it.

I ofen drive through this intersection in the Financial District, but going straight ahead and not usually turning left. I started noticing people taking a left on red and thought it was quite brazen of them. Then someone told me that it's okay on a one-way street. I had no idea, so I looked it up. It appears to be true.

And more importantly, did you know that you cannot drive a horse drawn sleigh unless you've attached three bells to the harness? Keep that in mind for the next time.

*Updated 8/12/08* Adam over at Universal Hub, picked up this post and it generated a decent number of comments. There is some strange speculation about who I am and why I wrote this post. I wonder why they just didn't come over to my blog and try to figure it out instead of all the guessing. Anyway, just thought I would share.

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T. said...

I had no idea! Thanks for looking that up.

Even better - I think you know how I love Christmas and anything remotely related to it - thank you for the lovely detail about the horse-drawn sleigh! It totally made my day. :)

Los Angelista said...

We can turn on red here in LA unless it's posted. I always hate it though when folks are honking behind you for you to turn and they can't see there's someone in the dang crosswalk! AAGH!

I will keep the bells thing in mind when I pull my sleigh out of the garage this winter! ;)

Anali said...

t - You're welcome! I couldn't resist it. ; )

los angelista - Now we can all drive our sleighs safely. ; )

amisha said...

in louisiana we could do left on red if it was the intersection of 2 one-way streets... it always made me nervous though (but then again i am a skittish driver in general :) )

karrie said...

There is a light just past the Rosebud diner in Davis Square where it is also legal to turn left on red after stopping. It is pretty well marked, so I thought it was just some odd exception.

Anali said...

amisha - I don't know why I'm so late learning this rule. Or maybe I knew then forgot about it...

karrie - I just realized that you're blogging again! I've been at that intersection too, but I was walking and taking pictures. : )

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