Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Are You Missing TasteSpotting?

I was one of many people shocked to learn that TasteSpotting was shut down. Completely gone except for a handwritten note which states the following.
Thanks for a great 18 months! In light of recent legal complications, NOTCOT will no longer be operating tastespotting.com.
- jean
I loved to gaze over the pictures of food, learn about new food blogs, and find new recipes too. Well, I guess the service and joy that TasteSpotting provided was too important to remain unfilled.

I learned via comments on Serious Eats that a replacement has already emerged as an "homage to TasteSpotting" called Food Gawker. Food Gawker is just as luscious and informative as TasteSpotting, which makes me feel good and bad at the same time. I love it, but are all blogs so easily replaced?

That just may be the case. But Food Gawker is a nice fix for us foodies who want to look at some good food.

*Updated 6/28/08* TasteSpottting is back as of yesterday!!!

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Asha said...

Never heard of that blog before, interesting, I will check it out. Thanks for info Anali, have a great day!:))

Nikki Miller-Ka said...

A new gallery for posting of pictures, just like Tastespotting, has opened at http://recipes2share.com/gallery. Post a pic or two up there!

Tera said...

I just love food :)

Anali said...

asha - You're welcome! I hope you had a great weekend. ; )

nikki miller-ka - Welcome! Thanks for the info.

tera - LOL! ; )

Anonymous said...

The word on the street is that Tastespotting is coming back. It's been bought by someone else. :-) Yay!

Anali said...

zen chef - You're right! It's back!!!!

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