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So that I don't forget what I just read in this post, I'm writing this mini-post to remind myself later. BitterSweet is a wonderful blog by the way. There are wonderful vegan and dairy free ideas there. Plus the writer, Hannah Kaminsky, even wrote a cookbook called My Sweet Vegan.

From this recent post, you know that I'm looking for everything dairy free. Chocolate has been an issue. G loves chocolate. So do I. But I can't torture him by eating chocolate in front of him that has milk. So what to do? I haven't even been able to make World Peace Cookies for him!

Anyway, in that post that I just linked to, I learned that the company Terra Nostra Organic has dairy free chocolate bars made with rice milk - Rice Milk Choco. I could crush these to make chocolate bits for the cookies and just about anything else. I'm going to be looking for these Rice Milk Choco bars!

*Updated* I just added something else sweet. My own cute little honey bee! Create your very own bee here and learn more about the honey bee crisis.

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T. said…
My daughter and I just spent the last HOUR making and sending honeybees! Thanks for a great Saturday boost!
Lisa Johnson said…
t - You're welcome! ; )
Anonymous said…
I do hope that you find them- They're definitely worth hunting down!

Thanks for the nice shout out by the way. :)
Lisa Johnson said…
hannah - Welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by and for your wonderful post!
Angela said…
I love the honeybee! I found you on SITS. You can find me at
Lisa Johnson said…
angela - Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you liked the bee. : )

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