A Non-Post Post

I've been very busy behind the scenes and can't quite get it together to put up the posts that I had planned on. I guess in time. Unfortunately, patience is not my virtue.

If there is any trait that must be my life's work, it's patience. I think I have the shallowest reserve of anyone on the planet. Well, this about what I can muster for today and it will just have to be enough. My perfectionist tendencies are SCREAMING for me to do more. But for now, I'll try and let it be.

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FH said…
Take your time Anali, post only when you are able to, no worries.
I came blogging last week, hard to get back to routine after enjoying a long break. Now blogging just 3 days a week!:))
Don't be so hard on yourself! I mean, I know how you feel b/c I have those perfectionist tendencies too, but still...we'll be here :)
Liz Dwyer said…
Patience is a tough one for me, too. My husband says I have "Now!" disease. I want everything now and I want it the way I want it. I think patience, especially with yourself, is a much more mature way to be.
T. said…
I think I have everyone beat on the lack-of-patience thing (though have improved some on the perfectionism). So what did I go and do? Take up oboe... :)

I totally sympathize and look forward to your next post, or our next lunch!
So you are a perfectionist who has absolutely no patience at all... Well, my dear, I think we could be best friends!

Stay groovy. ;)
Anonymous said…
Re: Your Memes
Really, you had been an investigator! Wow, is it a tough job?

I can relate too, with student loans. Yaaaayyy! :)

Take it easy with the post. Sometimes I almost forget already what what my blogspot password is. Hehe. Sometimes we write, sometimes we don't :P

Hey, if you don't have patience, how could you have finished reading all those fat law books! :)
Babz Rawls Ivy said…
Happy Mother's Day!
Anonymous said…
I think a lot of us lack in patience these days - seems there's just never enough time to do all a person would like to do. you've a lot of company!
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - I'm so glad you're back! I guess we all need blog breaks whether planned or unplanned. Last night I was dreaming about blogging, so it was time to get back here. :D

bleeding espresso - Thanks for being here. I appreciate it. : )

los angelista - I guess I'm still working on the patience aspect of maturity! ; )

t - LOL! I still haven't put up the planned posts, but they are coming. Looking forward to our next lunch though! : )
Lisa Johnson said…
fenix - Okay BFF! You're too sweet! ; )

foodhuntress - That was a job where my perfectionist tendencies were a really good thing! When you put it that way, I guess I do have a little bit of patience. : )

lovebabz - Belated Happy Mother's Day to you too!

jackie - I think you're right!
So So Simple said…
Anali Some days I can barely fit in a walk. I stress, (well sort of) when I realise I have several blogs I want to post and there isn't enough hours in the day.
How did I work full time and run the house and have a good time!
Patience is not a virtue...it is a self taught art. So good luck to us all
Lisa Johnson said…
so simple - Yes, good luck to us! : )

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