Friday, April 11, 2008

I Love Boston In The Springtime

Check out some more Spring photos on flickr.

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Suldog said...

Very pretty. As for the one you ask us to guess how you got it, I'll say laying down and tilting the camera? That's my best guess.

Bertie said...

Do you live in Boston?? I'm SO jealous! I LOVE Boston- it is beautiful!! Fall and Spring and Summer are the best seasons there:)

Gorgeous pic:)

Anonymous said...

Look how pretty! The Spring is here!..The Spring is here!
I'm going to roll in the grass right now. :-)

Nina said...

Anali that is beautiful!!!

Spring time in Ohio is on another was 75 degrees on Friday but we're going to have snow by Sunday. My goodness!

AVIANA said...

hey there girlie!

hope all is well....nope i don't like spring cuz it means summer is coming and i don't like summer....

yes the flowers are pretty but i can't deal with heat!

i've taken some cool pics and i wanna put them up but i'm scared of people taking them from my site...anyhow, nice pics!

have a nice one!

Sai said...

Hey...Happy Spring!

It is my most favorite season!

Anali said...

suldog - I climbed up on a little ledge, so I could get right under the tree and looked up!

bertie - I live in Quincy, which is just a few miles south of Boston, but I do work in Boston. And I agree about the seasons. Winter is my least favorite too!:D

zen chef - And I have no doubt that you will! ; )

nina - Thnaks! This weather gets everyone sick again. You never know what to wear. It's hot then cold. I'm wearing a different jacket everyday!

aviana - Hey lady! I'm so happy that it's almost summer. My favorite season! I hope you put up some of your pictures!

sai - Happy Spring to you too! I love Spring, but I enjoy summer even more!

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