Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Like Cookie Dough More Than Cookies

This reminds me of a confession that I should be sending to PostSecret. But it's my truth and I own it.

If you've never visited PostSecret, it's a pretty interesting phenomenon, but kind of tragic sometimes. This post grossed me out. Why did it have to be about cookbooks?

This CVS post I found quite funny in particular. The CVS Coupon Post that I wrote has given me more hits on this blog than any other. It's the post that keeps on giving. However the bitter anonymous comments are starting to pile up and I don't know how to respond to them anymore.

And yes, I did say bitter. Hopefully I won't have to explain myself later like Obama. The controversey is now being referred to as Bitter-gate. The insanity of this campaign is astonishing.

And I just learned via Jack & Jill Politics that a new website has just gone up called Bitter Voters For Obama! Their motto is the following.

"Bitter, and proud of it. Clinton says we're 'resilient,' but we can't take it any more. McCain says 'let em eat Lemons,' but what we really need is a leader who can turn lemons into lemonade: Barack Obama."
That sounds good to me! They're even selling T-shirts already. Well, God bless America.

And moving from the bitter turning to sweet, back to the really sweet, here is the recipe for the cookie dough. Or cookies if you must bake them. I cut the amounts in half, except I kept the amount of almond extract the same. I used white chocolate chips and didn't have any almonds. Enjoy!

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Cynthia said...

Hey Girl, how you been doin?

Suldog said...

Here's my weird culinary confession: I have sometimes mixed up a whole bowl of cake batter and then just eaten it, uncooked. Yup, weird. But satisfying!

Nance said...

Mmmmmm...almond cookies. I love the almond crescent cookies with powdered sugar. Just plain, no additions. Sounds like adaptation time.

Los Angelista said...

Yum, cookie dough!

And I want one of those t-shirts. I'm about to go buy gas and then go to the grocery store and I'm sure when I see how much it all costs me, I'll feel very very bitter.

Sorry folks are leaving the bitter messages for you though. They need to get over it!

AVIANA said...

yes..i too love cookie particular sugar cookie dough since i don't like chocolate....

hows u?

Anali said...

cynthia - Hi! I'm good now. Very relieved that my taxes are finally done. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're having a good week! ; )

suldog - Well since you know how I feel about raw baked goods... I just realized that's an oxymoron. Anyway, that sounds quite good to me! :D

nance - I love the almond flavor too! I've been using this extract a lot since I got it. I don't think I've ever had the crescent cookies, but they must be good.

los angelista - The t-shirts are nice! I don't think I'll be getting one though. I'm watching my pennies. This economy is making me bitter!

aviana - Yum, sugar cookie dough is good! I'm doing alright. It's so nice and sunny today. How are you?

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