Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dreaming About The Candidates

I just found the coolest blog and had to share it with you guys.

It's called The Metaphysical Poll and it's broken into three different blogs. You can read random peoples' dreams about the presidential candidates. If you had a dream about either one of them, or the election in general, you can submit yours and share it with the world.

Check out I Dream of Barack, I Dream of Hillary, and I Dream of McCain.

After everyone watching the debate tonight, I'm sure many of us may just find ourselves dreaming about one of them.

There is even some dream analysis. Here is a portion edited for clarity.

"Analyzed in these terms, the most frequent emotions in the Hillary dreams are fear (34) and confusion (34), followed by happiness (23), sadness (16), and anger (15).

For Barack, the most frequent emotion is happiness (35), then confusion (28), fear (20), anger (16), and sadness (9)...

W]hat stands out is the high happiness and low fear in the Barack dreams and the high confusion in the Hillary dreams. No one would deny, I think, that Hillary’s campaign has been surprised by Obama’s rise and unsure of how to regain her once formidable lead.

Nor could anyone who’s attended an Obama rally dispute the idea that he’s trying to banish people’s fears and stimulate their hopes. Perhaps one could say the Barack dreamers are too happy and not scared enough—that’s a charge made by his “realist” critics."

I'm getting ready to go to sleep and it's definitely NOT 3:00 am. I wonder if I'll dream about the debate? Did any of you?

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Sharon said...

Unfortunately I missed the debate, but I'll definitely check out this site as well as look for smidgets of the debate on YouTube and the like...

I rarely to never remember my dreams, but if I did, I am pretty sure they would be of Obama and HOPE!

Suldog said...

Hi, Anali:

Didn't see the debate, sorry to say. I don't believe I've ever dreamed about a candidate, though. Maybe if one was particularly sexy, but so far...

By the way, you've been tagged, If you think you might like to play, stop by my place.

Tera said...

The debate seemed a little silly to me...I couldn't stomach it.

dmarks said...

Isn't the only purpose of the debates now to see which one might zing the other?

Obama would probably rather just go to the debates alone. After all, Hillary is not much of a threat to him for the nomination anymore. But it does give him publicity in his campaign vs McCain.

Hillary, the underdog, has nothing to lose, and of course wants debates in case they shake things up.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not another hillary nightmare!! ;-)

Jac said...

3 AM ? I am almost awake after my sleep.

Anali said...

sharon - I'm sure by now you've heard that the debate did a lot of rehashing of old stuff. I can't believe that the Penn. primary is finally almost here!

suldog - I'll try and pick up the tag, but I know I'm late. : )

tera - I did want them to discuss some real issues, but they kept going back to all the same old stuff that's beeen in the papers for weeks. Oh well...

Anali said...

dmarks - You're right. That's basically what happened. I think and hope that was the last debate.

zen chef - LOL! People out there are having a lot of them!

jac - That's true if you're an early riser. But "3 am" has been the catch phrase of her campaign. She trys to scare people into voting for her by saying, "It's 3am in the White House, and ...."

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog.

I read ABC had the highest debate ratings but received harsh criticism for the types of questions they asked.

What was ABC thinking? I'm surprised. I like Charles Gibson and he has been a very good moderator in the past.

Anali said...

nyc/caribbean ragazza - Welcome! I was surprised by the debate too. They, the moderators, just didn't seem to want to focus on real issues.

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