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Friday, April 4, 2008

Chai Tea Oatmeal

Last night I made some chai tea. Not real chai tea. I have tea bags. I do plan on making some from scratch soon though. I've been saving recipes for the past few weeks.

So anyway, I use vanilla rice milk and add a chai tea bag. I was so tired last night, I forgot that I was steeping the tea until I was ready to go to sleep. So I just put some plastic wrap over the cup and stuck it in the fridge.

This morning, I was making my oatmeal and getting ready to put in the rice milk. I figured that I'd try the chai tea instead. It's really good! I added some raisins and brown sugar and the oatmeal had some extra spice. Plus the smell was wonderful. Just another idea to add some excitement to your morning oatmeal.

*Updated 1/2/10* This is old news, but this photo is on TasteSpotting too!

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  1. Now, send that idea in to the Quaker Oats people, and see if you get paid.

    Actually, it sounds more like a Trader Joe's thing.

  2. And just what makes you think I need to add excitement to my morning oatmeal, young lady? I think it's awfully presumptuous of you to assume my morning oatmeal is bland and boring. I have some of the most exciting oatmeal in Christendom. It sings! It dances! It tells funny stories! Of course, I sprinkle MY oatmeal with LSD...

  3. Resourceful and delicious. I love this, Anali!

  4. I LOVE a good food discovery! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I've had chai tea once, and I did like it.

  6. Ooh sounds fabulous! Thanks for the tip :)

  7. Oh, that does sound good! I love chai tea!

  8. Wow, that was a happy chance you took! Love it when things like this happen. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I WANT TEA :)

    how are you anali?

  10. You see, that's how every great recipe in history was invented. Something forgotten, a little bit of voila!

    Sounds really good! :-)

  11. wow Anali. I haven't been to your blog in months (I haven't been visiting blogs much) and there have been so many changes here. It looks great. Love your new banner!

  12. Hi Anali!
    I love chai tea and never thought of adding it to oatmeal. How clever! Great job! :)

  13. This does sound like a wonderful idea!! Like adding cinnamon, but SUPERPOWERED. Love it! Now get it marketed before you start seeing it on shelves...

  14. very resourceful anali....must try it sometime.

  15. It DOES sound good, but I need details - as in, what kind of oatmeal and the process of making the tea....

  16. nance - It does sound like a Trader Joe's thing. I have to make another run there soon!

    suldog - I should have known better! Of course you have exciting oatmeal! ; )

    susan - Thanks! :D

    t - You're welcome!

    dmarks - It's good stuff. Hopefully I'll have my recipe from scratch soon!

  17. bleeding espresso - I'm happy to share! ; )

    lynn - Welcome and thank you! I love it too!

    jj - Welcome! I guess it was quite serendipitious! I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

    kayleee - I'm good, but busy! I hope you are feeling better. : )

    zen chef - That's true! That's how chocolate-chip cookies were discovered! Now, I want to bake some... Must resist!!

  18. jennifer - Good to see you here again! I'm glad you like the changes! I try to mix things up and keep the place looking nice. : )

    maryann - Hello and welcome! Thanks for the kind words!

    cakespy - After I made this I was looking at some blogs and saw that I wasn't the first to add chai to cereal. I forgot the blog, but someone added chai to oat bran I think. I'm sure some company is working on it as we "speak!" ; )

    sai - Nice to see you back on the blogs!

    librarian lee - Welcome! I wish I could give you some exciting gourmet ingredients, but I can't. The oatmeal is just Stop & Shop brand old-fashioned oats. Any brand of oats will be just fine.

    I used Bigelow Spiced Chai teabags. I steeped one teabag in warm vanilla rice milk for about two hours by accident. You could probably just steep it for about 15minutes and then add it to the cooked oatmeal. I hope you try it and let me know how you like it! : )

  19. wow what a great idea. it never occurred to me to mix Chai tea and oatmeal. I'll definitely give it a try. Thanks!

  20. jackie - Welcome and thank you! I hope you like it. Let me know! ; )


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