Friday, February 15, 2008

More Than Just Black & White

I find it really annoying when news stories only discuss the issue of race in terms of black and white, when we are far more than that.

I've been trying to find websites specifically where I can see what Asians and Latinos are saying about Barack Obama. From what we see in your average news story, you would think that Asians are not really involved and that Latinos refuse to vote for him. Neither of these are true.

For the past few weeks, I've been finding a lot of great information from the blog Asian Americans for Obama. And below I found a video showing that yes, there are Latinos who will vote for Obama. Check out the blogs Amigos de Obama and Latinos For Obama. Also see this very interesting article called Young Latinos for Obama or Nada.

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CapCity said...

Thank U for being diligent, Sis! ;-)

bleeding espresso said...

Excellent work :)

amisha said...

thank you for bringing this up! the media attention to the latino vote has been interesting... i have definitely been wondering why it seems so skewed to hillary. and of course i love seeing asian americans for obama :)

Anali said...

capcity - I'm just trying to be informed!

bleeding espresso - Thanks!

amisha - You're welcome! The mainstream news media really does skew information in a particular way. It's up to us to dig for all that's out there. : )

sarah aswell said...

good point - and on another level, we have to remember that race isn't black or white either - as a half-asian who is for obama (who is half black) i think it's important to remember that race is just as fluid as anything else - and we're more similar than we might at first seem.

Anali said...

sarah aswell - Welcome! You're right. Much of how we define race, especially in the United States, is an artifical construct based on the laws during slavery.

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