Monday, February 4, 2008

LA Rally: Maria Shriver Announces Her Support for Barack

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Tera said...

Well he's certainly just about to win my vote Anali!

Villager said...

I watched the rally at UCLA yesterday. It was a remarkable moment when Maria Schriver walked up on the stage. I'm looking forward to seeing the results tomorrow. I have to beleive that the last-minute voters are going to break for Obama in the morning. Don't you think?

peace, Villager

Anali said...

tera - I hope so! : )

villager - Good to see you here! : ) I feel like he is going to do really well tomorrow, but I'm so nervous and don't want to get my hopes too high. My stomach is all up in knots!

I've seen so many videos with tons of people willing to volunteer for him and see him at rallys. I've never seen such a diverse group of people feeling equally moved by one person - except for here in Mass. when Deval Patrick was running for Governor. It's the same feeling, but this time it's national. Everyone from every walk of life seems so moved. This is really a great moment in history, that I think we'll remember for the rest of our lives.

CapCity said...

Love the new photos in your header, Anali! Too bad about the patriots;-) - but Glad we've got Barack the Vote in common! LOL!

jjbrock said...

Anali, we need a change and I think he's the man for it.

Los Angelista said...

Watching the clip of this was another moment of me getting all choked up and sobbing like a baby! For her to get up there with no makeup and without her hair know she was feeling it!

If he wins California, I'm going to be a total wreck!

AVIANA said...


I'm so mad I waited till today to put my Obama post but I did...

Cross your toes, your hairs, your fingers, your legs, your arms, anything!!!!


Anali said...

capcity - Thanks! I've been taking pictures from old photo albums and tinkering with them a bit. It's been kind of fun. Paris was one of my best trips! : ) Well, the Patriots always have next year, but hopefully this will be Obama's year!

jjbrock - I really agree! I don't think that Clinton can bring the country together like he can.

los angelista - Good to see you here! It was a really moving speech. I'm so sad that he didn't win California. Although I hear there is some sort of dispute about some of the ballots that weren't tallied correctly. I wonder how that will be worked out.

aviana - I guess I needed to cross more!

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