And The Post Office Is Raising Rates?

Another post that I could not possibly resist. I read here earlier today that the post office is raising rates effective May 12, 2008.

Just a few hours later, I went to my mailbox and received two postcards from Australia. One was actually for me. It's really beautiful by the way and will be part of another post. I should be receiving several more postcards, because I'm taking part in a postcard swap here.

The other postcard is pictured above. This postcard piggy-backed on my other postcard, but veered wildly off course. It's from different people and was supposed to reach someone named Mike in North Carolina.

I'll physically go to the post office tomorrow to make sure that Mike gets his postcard. It's quite lovely and I'm sure he'll be very happy when he gets it. I hope the post office uses the rate increase to improve service.

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FH said…
Yes they are!! Again! I keep buying 2 cents stamps to add to the regular and they raised it 1 cent now! They should make up their once and for all to save us the trouble and make 50cents and get it over with!!:D
Margie said…
Raising rates again!
I doubt very much if service will improve though!
Such a nice postcard!

Isn't it lovely to get mail?
Take care, anali!
Mes Deux Cents said…

Didn't they just raise the postal rate last year?

No wonder people don’t send letters anymore; it's too bad too because there is really nothing like receiving a personal letter.

Imagine that the kids growing up now may never receive an actual personal letter from a girlfriend or boyfriend, a love letter.

That's a shame.
Suldog said…
You know, they started selling those "forever" stamps a while back, guaranteeing them to be good at whatever future rate there might be. If they have any left, you might want to invest in them.

Personally, I wish they'd just raise the rate to 50 cents, or some other figure that can be made with regular pocket change or divisible within a dollar, and be done with it for ten years. Going from 41 cents to 43 cents or whatever is just maddening.
Genevieve said…
I'm glad you liked your postcard! I received yours and Karen Walrond's together yesterday. What a treat!
Cynthia said…
That's so thoughtful, some people would not bother.
CapCity said…
Yep - think i need to go invest in a few ForEVER stamps as SulDog suggests...DANGGIT!!
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - I agree with you and Suldog! They should just do one bigger rate hike, then not be able to raise it again for at least five years.

margie - I love getting mail! You're right that the service probably won't improve though. I seem to get more and more wrong mail and my mail arrives to me all torn up!

mes deux cents - I think they may have raised it last year. I'm a big letter writer though. I send lots of cards and have a bit of an addiction to pretty note cards. They are so hard to resist! I just saw some great ones in Cakespy's Etsy shop. As soon as I use up more of my stationery stash, I'm getting them!
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - I would get those forever stamps, but I think they're all the same design and are not very cute. I know it's shallow, but you have to look for fun where you can find it!

genevieve - Welcome! It was so nice to get your card! I got Karen's card yesterday. I am so loving this swap!

cynthia - I like to think that most would though. : )

capcity - The rate change is a pain, but they need to mix up the designs for the Forever stamps, then I'll look into them. For now, I'll pay for the variety of the other stamps.

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