Monday, January 21, 2008

Character + Content + Color

Let's break it down shall we?

Friend, blogger, niece, democrat, Boston-born, cousin, co-worker, kind, skeptical, Red Sox fan, sensitive, sister, creative, attorney, daughter, precise, joyful, moody, writer, curious, honest, customer, black, shy, outgoing, dreamer, traveller, funny, baker, photographer, quiet, outgoing, spiritual.

How will I be judged? Happy Birthday Dr. King.

*Updated* I want to share some other posts by bloggers celebrating MLK Day. Please check out Mes Deux Cents, PlezWorld, and I Am Inspired.

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Big Boys Oven said...

hope you have a good one day holiday!

Asha said...

You are all that and more Anali, enjoy your day!:)
I have read the book "Namesake", love it too.

Cynthia said...

Happy MLK day!

CapCity said...

I'll hold off my "judgment" until I've tasted your scrumptious looking dishes presented here so temptingly! LOL! Happy MLK day, 2 ya Sistah Anali!

Sai said...

Happy MLK Day!

Kelly Mahoney said...

Great holiday shout out!

Mes Deux Cents said...



Randi523 said...

I watched the Oprah special on Dr. King yesterday (it was pretty good). The question she posed at the end of it made me think: she asked "How does the dream of Dr. King live in YOU?"

I came up with a list of about 9 things, most importantly: continuing to do volunteer work, treating everyone kindly/fairly, and mentoring those younger than I.

Anali said...

big boys oven - It was a good one even though I did work half a day! ; )

asha - Awww thanks! : )

cynthia - Thanks and you too! ; )

capcity - LOL! You'll have to one of these days! : D

sai - I hope you had a good one too! : )

kelly mahoney - Welcome and thanks! ; )

mes deux cents - You're welcome! ; )

randi523 - A friend of mine was just telling me what a good show that was yesterday. I wish I had seen it! Maybe I'll catch a repeat! ; )

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