Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Calm

The sun is shining brightly
and for days it's been quite warm.
But it's gonna snow tomorrow.

New England in the winter.
Just another calm
right before the storm.

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PunditMom said...

Beautiful pics. Stay warm!

so simple said...

Beautiful photos anali
It is nearly 2 years since we were in Boston. It was cold but we had sunny days. I loved it.It must really pretty in the spring. When we were there not a leaf on a tree...which has its own beauty as well.
Hey love your photo on the header where is that?

Yobachi said...

Nice, simple peace.

And good imagery to go with it.

Anonymous said...

Great photos... and I like the new banner!

Anali said...

punditmom - Happy New Year! Thank you. I'm trying to stay warm, but I caught a cold, so I'm home resting today. : (

so simple - Thanks! Spring is one of the prettiest seasons here, but I guess they each have their own beauty. Summer is still my favorite!

I decided to dig into my photo albums and use some of my favorite pictures for my new header photo each month. I haven't yet figured out how to put the description right under the photo, but on the top of the right sidebar there is a brief description and a link. I was in Puerto Rico and had the best time!

yobachi - Welcome! Thank you so much and for stopping by! ; )

bipolarlawyercook - Thanks! I've realized how much I like to change the look, so there will be a new header photo on the first of every month.

AVIANA said...

hey there!

nice new template you have....

i miss winter...i so do...i hate this global warming crap....

Ed the Gent said...

With the erratic weather those in NYC have experienced as of late, we would be sharing with you photos of ladies barely clothed, flowers in bloom, and fops in white suits... a very frightening sight in the "dead of winter" indeed.


Margie said...

I like the pictures Anali!
Nice post!
Thank you!
Even barren trees have an appealing beauty to me.

I remember the winter weather in Boston when we lived there!
Love Boston though!
I miss it!

Take care!


starry nights said...

Love the poem.Just beautiful and the pictures really help set the scene.

Anali said...

aviana - Hi! I'm glad you like it! The template is the same, but the header is different.

ed the gent - Welcome! We were having that same warm weather for a while too. Then boom! Snowstorm. I wore a different coat everyday last week, starting with a lilght denim jacket and ending with my wool coat. I think that's why I'm sick now. : (

margie - I'm glad you like it! ; ) Trees are so beautiful in every season.

starry nights - So good to see you again! So many people have been on blogging breaks. I'm glad you liked it. : D

Nance said...

We got our snow last night and today. I hate it: driving in it, walking in it, freezing in it...everything. Winter is the worst.

Anali said...

nance - Spring is going to feel so good after all this snow!

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