Snowed In

As you can see, my Bug is snowed in. So am I. This is the second snowstorm in four days, but at least this one is on a Sunday. When I was trapped in the house on Thursday, I did most of my Christmas shopping online. I still need to get to the store for a few things, but this weather is making it very hard.

At the moment, I'm deciding between baking these muffins and these, but adapted to be pumpkin. I may do some laundry. I had all these plans to cook some soup too. I was going to be really productive, but I'm feeling very lazy. I might stay in my pajamas and watch movies for a while.

Right now I'm listening to the soundtrack from A Charlie Brown Christmas. I love it so much! I've been planning to buy it for years, but always forget. I started thinking about it again, then saw it in Starbucks while I was waiting for my food. I had to get back in line again, but it was worth it.

I don't like early mornings, but I've had a few recently. As a treat to myself and to make it easier to get out of the house quickly without eating, I've been getting breakfast to go. I've been getting the Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Florentine Egg Sandwich. They are so good! And I'm not the only one who loves this sandwich. Look here.

I can hear that the snow has now changed to sleet. What a mess this is going to be to dig out of. Again. And in case you're wondering, I just decided to bake the nutmeg muffins.

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I hear you. I think this is going to be a slow day. I had plans for company this morning and to go out tonight and it's all cancelled, which is good, because I have a stiff neck. I therefore conned my husband into baking something for me for breakfast.

Take it easy with the shoveling. I am not looking forward to doing it later.
Cynthia said…
With weather like that, I say stay in the PJs and watch movies.

I'm not rubbing it in, really but I'm here sitting, watching the sunshine through the window as the wind plays with the curtains.
CapCity said…
PJs & movies w/soup & muffins sound like a great plan, to ME! I promised some friends i'd hang out/be her taxi for some xmas shopping - so, i'm going out in the slush that we have here in nyc...i don't really mind sloshing around when i'm not in, it'll be okay. But, your day still sounds better!
Nance said…
Snowed in here in NE Ohio, too. Blizzard conditions, and me with almost no shopping done. How will you get everything shipped in time?
Sigh. I hate this.
Thistlemoon said…
WOW! That looks like the kind of winters I am used to! I love being snowed in and just cooking up a storm of comforting things!
I'd always thought of you as a bit of a radical.
But now I find you frequent Starbucks, I'm not so sure.

Anyway have a great christmas, whatever you do. I wish we had half of the snow you're getting.
Tsiporah said…
When heard how hard the New England area was hit I immediately thought about you. Glad you are safe and are able to stay nice and cozy at home.
Anonymous said…
I WANT SNOW how are you? I AM STILL IN PAIN :(
Nina said…
The snow let up on us yesterday. Now it's just super cold and yucky outside. The only good thing about the white stuff is now I'm feeling a bit more festive. Maybe I'll finally finish decorating my house...I doubt it though :)
Lisa Johnson said…
bipolarlawyercook - I hope your shoveling wasn't too bad. At least you had a nice treat for breakfast! ; ) Luckily soon after I wrote this post, I saw someone out with a snow blower in the driveway. I think I might have yelped with glee! I had to clear off my car and shovel a little, but it wasn't nearly as bad as Thursday.

cynthia - You're so lucky!!! But I guess all I can do is enjoy what I have here. The snow is pretty and I have to admit that I've been feeling much more Christmasy. : )

capcity - I hope you had fun with your friends and found some great gifts. Hopefully the slush wasn't too horrible. : )
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - I hope you're all dug out from the storm and it wasn't too bad. The gifts actually ship very quickly. That's why I love shopping online. It's so easy! I've already received many of them.

jenndz - the leftover queen - This is like winters when I was a kid. It seems like we used to get a lot of snow all the time. At this point, we've already had more snow than we did all last winter. How crazy is that??!!

something from me - Well hello stranger! I thought you dropped off the blogosphere. ; ) LOL! Starbucks is a definite weakness for me. Merry Christmas!

tsiporah - Thanks for thinking of me! It was the best day to be inside! ; )
Lisa Johnson said…
kaylee - I hope you get some snow and feel better soon!

nina - This is like winters from years ago. So cold and so much snow! I used to love it so much when I was a kid. Me and my brother would build snowmen and have snowball fights. I loved making snow angels too. Oh and I used to eat the new snow! Even though it wouldn't be my first choice of weather, I feel more festive too. I decorated my front door and my plants - a ficus tree and a palm tree.
amisha said…
it may be a mess but it is oh so pretty from the window :) i'm jealous that you guys got a real snowstorm... ours was gone by midday! maybe in the spring...
Lisa Johnson said…
amisha - It looks wonderful from inside! It's starting to get old outside though! ; )

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