Is This Art?

I need a bit more time to get the recipe for the bread together with the photos, so I decided to do a post that I've been thinking about for a few weeks.

You know how every once in a while, we read news stories about people finding paintings in the trash or a dusty attic? They sound like urban art legends that we fall for time after time. But they actually do happen. I always start fantasizing about it happening to me and how great it would feel to write a check to pay off my student loans. Then I start thinking about the nature of something's worth. Why are these pieces worth so much when others are not? What makes them art? And valuable art at that.

Is something art just because someone says it's art? I created this piece above. Is it art? Would anyone want to buy it? Is something art more because of who created it than by its intrinsic nature? I'm just a random person. But what if we found out that it was actually created by Andy Warhol when he was messing around one day in his youth? Would that change how we see this picture?

People in the serious art community talked about it for decades. Sotheby's searched for it, but gave up and figured it was one of those urban art legends. Now suddenly it has turned up here! The first priceless art piece ever found on a blog! You are the first people to see it. How much would it go for? Imagine the emails in my inbox to put it up for auction. Ah, the fantasy...

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AVIANA said…
Art is in the mind and is purely subjective ( i might change my mind on that in the future...).

one person's art, is one person's trash....

look at today's pop decide who's trash and who's legit...

have a nice one.. :)
Big Boys Oven said…
anali hope you well and being cuddled well in this cold weather.
Nance said…
i know exactly what you mean. who decides that a kid is a great talent? there is a young man in NE Ohio who is severely autistic but paints these gigantic colorful horses as part of his therapy. all of a sudden, he's a celebrated artist. who says his stuff is even any good or any better than any other kid could create? is it because he's autistic? is it because his parents are influential and got him some press/media coverage? or is it really "good" because of other qualifying reasons? lots to think about.
KAYLEE said…
how you been?
Anonymous said…
Well Anali
I have just spent the last half hour reading your November entries. We have been on a roadtrip around New Zealand and I haven't had the chance to check up on you.
Very interesting months work. Well done

Nice to be back on line

Lisa Johnson said…
aviana - I agree it's pretty subjective, which is fine in a purely philisophical way. But when those few whose decisions decide who gets paid for what, it really can be annoying.

big boys oven - I'm well, but unfortunately not being cuddled. It's tough being single over the holidays... *sigh, sigh* : (

nance - I hadn't heard about him, but that's very interesting. I guess when you get a lot of media coverage, that often starts it all. Then if you get one buyer who wants to pay a good sum of money and more media coverage, then people get whipped up into an art buying frenzy.

kaylee - Cooold!!!! I jut turned my heat up and I'm still freezing! Time for some coffee. ; )

so simple - Thanks! I'm enjoying your pictures! ; )

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