Well, I Did It.

Today is the second to last day of NaBloPoMo. I guess I've done it. Written some sort of post everyday. I haven't been in the best of moods this week as anyone who has come into contact with me can surely attest. I'm not sure if it's that I'm sick of posting, just in a bad mood or if it's Mercury and Juno.

It's important to start your day with a positive attitude. There are two astrological reasons since Mercury conjuncts Juno in late Scorpio (4:00AM PST) while Venus makes a frictional, 45-degree link to Saturn (8:48AM PST). This is a one-two punch on emotional, romantic, business and professional levels that can
either send you reeling or give you an enormous boost. Any Mercury-Juno encounter reminds you to be extra sensitive and receptive to dear ones on the skids.

Read more astrology stuff here here. Maybe I'm nervous about another doctor's appointment today about my back. Anyway, let me direct you to some much cheerier posts than I can muster here.

Suldog has done it again with a really nice Christmas story. And I've found it interesting reading personal stories about the Writer's Strike. One of my fellow BoomerGirl contributors has been writing about her experiences here.

*Updated* Blogger wouldn't let me update this post for a bit.

I'm thankful for storytellers, who can transport us to another place and time with their words.

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Suldog said…

You're so nice. Thanks for the link love. I am proud of this one, so I really appreciate it.

Asha said…
Almost over Anali, hold on!:D
Good luck with your appointment with doc for back ache, I am sure it will be good news regardless of star alignment!
See you in 2 weeks, will be baking for Xmas! Take care!:))
Cynthia said…
Yayyy, Congrats you've done it.

Hope this are not serious after the doctor's visit.
plez... said…

i'm so glad that i decided to puppy-dog after you to NaBloPoMo. i didn't think that i'd be able to keep up the pace of one blog entry per day, but to be honest, it wasn't that bad.

so CONGRATULATIONS on almost making to the end of NaBloPoMo... and THANKS for dragging me along for the ride!
suttonhoo said…
YAY! congratulations -- it's been great to read you daily -- apologies for mostly lurking (RSS readers make it too easy), but I've been enjoying every bit.

and hey -- good luck with the back bit. hope it all works out well.
Nance said…
Blogger's been horrific lately! I've had trouble uploading pictures, trouble with comment's posting, and trouble loading people's blogs. They need to get their stuff together!
Tera said…
Anali...somehow I can't imagine you in a bad mood of any sort!
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - You're welcome! Thanks for the story! ; )

asha - I'm so glad it's done! I liked the doctor that I saw. I'm going to try acupuncture. Enjoy your blog vacation! : )

cynthia - Thanks! It was an experience ... that I won't be repeating. Hopefully acupuncture will help my back. That's my next step.

plez - I'm glad you liked it! I don't know why, but it started stressing me out after a while. I guess I feel like I didn't do justice to all my posts, like I lost some blog integrity. Many posts I wouldn't have done, but for NaBloPoMo. Then again, it's just blog posts. I take things too seriously sometimes. ; )
Lisa Johnson said…
suttonhoo - Thanks! I'm glad that you still liked reading. I started feeling like I was boring everyone, because my comments dropped off so much.

nance - I guess we get what we pay for! ; )

tera - Oh, you have no idea!!! ; )

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