Steam Heat

This photo was inspired by Amisha's lovely photo here.

Last night I watched the Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. I've watched this show for the past few years and enjoy it enormously. I'm a big comedy fan and have loved watching stand-up since I was a kid. I remember watching Saturday Night Live with my parents and for many years not getting why they were laughing at certain things. It's funny looking back at some of those old shows and now understanding why I had no clue. I still enjoyed them on a very basic level. There has always been a lot of laughter and humor in my family.

It broke my heart to hear that due to the writer's strike 90% of the SNL cast was fired. From what I have read and heard, I believe that the writers are correct in everything they are asking for. Watch these for some interesting and funny commentary.

But I digress. The people who are now winning this award are the ones that I grew up watching. It's really quite remarkable ... at making me feel old!! It's actually very heart-warming. Billy Crytsal won this year. I first remember watching him on Soap, way back in the day. And When Harry Met Sally is one of my all-time favorite movies. I adore the man.

I learned about the prize when reading that Steve Martin won in 2005. And you all know how I love Steve. Here are some more of the previous winnners.

I am thankful for heat when it is cold outside. For the beauty and warmth of sunlight. And for the joy and laughter that so many comedians have brought me over my lifetime.

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Anonymous said…
So !!! Good night yesterday!!
Lisa Johnson said…
pom d'api - Good day to you! I think you are ahead over there. : )

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