Marina Bay - Part 2

As I walked, I noticed this clock tower and the memorial.

The memorial reads in part.
"On This Site Stood The Victory Plant Shipyard A Satellite Plant Of The Bethlehem Shipyard At Fore River. Here Thirty-Five Naval Destroyers Were Built Between 1918-1920."

Click here to learn more about the Fore River Shipyard and Quincy's naval shipbuilding past.

The road that you drive on to get to Marina Bay is called Victory Road. I had never really thought about the name before, but now it makes sense.

That's all for Quincy history until tomorrow. But for now, how about something from my present? Well, recent past if you want to get technical.

I just finished my scarf! My first knitting project! Thank you Amisha for the casting off instructions. Now for my next project, I'm thinking of a pair of socks or a sweater...

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Lotus Reads said…
Hi, Anali!

I like your blog's new look! Isn't it fun to change our blog's dresses from time to time? Congratulations on completing your first knitting project, the scarf looks wonderful! Infact, it looks so good you have me wishing that the lower temperatures would get here soon! I am still wearing my cotton scarves, haven't graduated to the woolen ones yet.
Have you ever been to Marina Bay @ night? Sometimes I find it so calming just to sit down and gaze at the Prudential...yes, even with the chatter from the restaurants. It's somehow still peaceful.
Asha said…
Good to read about a piece of History, I love it!
Scarf looks thick and fluffy, warm ears for Winter! Enjoy!:))
Swaruchy said…
Nice piece of Knitting work Anali.......Will look fwd to more creations from u :-)And nice write-up :-)Will have to visit this place once :-)
Suldog said…
Funny - I worked as a security guard at Marina Bay for a short time. I used to like roaming the docks in the early morning hours. Very quiet, peaceful.
Anonymous said…
your scarf is really cute! socks are a nice 2nd project because they don't take as long to knit as a sweater, unless you knit a bulky yarn sweater, which knits up very fast. I've only been to Marina Bay once, but I like it. Had brunch at one of the waterfront restaurants... : )
Lisa Johnson said…
lotus reads - Thanks! I do love changing things up every now and then. I've decided to change the look every month, just so I don't get bored. It's so much cheaper to redecorate my blog rather than my apartment! ; )

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered - Welcome! Thanks for dropping by! I was there at night a long time ago at Siro's. I really liked it. I agree about looking out at the city over the water. It's even a great view during the day! ; )

asha - Thanks! I wore my scarf today and it was nice and warm! ; )

sirisha kilambi - Thanks! My next creation will probably take a little longer. : )

suldog - You have really worked everywhere haven't you! ; )

jennifer - Thank you! Interesting about the bulky yarn. I hadn't even thought about that and the time that it would take. I guess I'll have to go to the store and look at yarn and patterns.
Suldog said…
You know, I sometimes feel like folks must think I'm stretching it whenever I say "I worked there!", but I swear that every job I reference is one I actually held. I'm either a very independent spirit or a lousy employee.
Anonymous said…
Hi, Anali! Good to read about history
David Sullivan said…
Congrats on the scarf!
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - Independent spirit definitely!

pom d'api - Hey there! It seems I've had a historical theme going here. I didn't even plan it that way.

david sullivan - Thank you!
amisha said…
congratulations on your first knitting project!! this is so exciting... so glad i could help a little :) you should show us a modeled shot!
Lisa Johnson said…
amisha - Thank you for your help! I actually did take a picture of me modeling it, but I didn't like it. ; )

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