Marina Bay - Part 1

On Thursday, I had to go to Marina Bay. Of course, I snapped a few pictures while I was there. When I first arrived, the sky looked fairly clear and it was quite warm, especially for being so close to the water.

Marina Bay is one of the most upscale parts of Quincy. I've heard that several of the local professional sports players live or at least used to live there.

By the time I was ready to leave, the sky had changed. It didn't rain on me though. The rain and wind waited a couple of days. Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!

And one more thing. Congratulations to DJ Black Adam on his appearance on NPR's News & Notes Bloggers' Roundtable! You can listen here.

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Jeseem said…
looks cool.
so did u go out in the bay ?
Lisa Johnson said…
jeseem - Hey there! How are you? No, I didn't go out in the bay. I was there for a meeting, walked around and took some pictures for a bit, then went to work.
Swaruchy said…
Thanks for the link Anali...will hear it out :-)
The pics look cool ;-)
KAYLEE said…
SOUNDS FUn!!!!!!!!!!!1111 :)
AVIANA said…
hey there!

thanks for stopping by!

i fell in love with the song "defyign gravity" when i learned it a couple of years hit me so hard that i still cry when i listen to it...

i have yet to see it live...i'm so jealous....

how are you?

have a nice one!
Lisa Johnson said…
sirisha kilambi - I hope you enjoyed the interview!

kaylee - : )

aviana - Hey! I love that song too and I do cry when I hear it! The singing was so amazing. When I was watching, I kept thinking how it must be so cool to have such a strong and beautiful voice. You must know what it's like!
Lotus Reads said…
Really nice pictures, Anali! I think it's cool you remember to carry your camera with you...I don't, and as a result I miss so many wonderful photo opportunities!
Lisa Johnson said…
lotus reads - Thank you! I only bring it certain days, but when I have it, I always see something interesting.

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