Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm Not A Member

of The Cloud Appreciation Society. But I do love to look at clouds. I just learned about the group here. They have a new book out and sell some very pretty cloud filled stuff.

I'm thankful that on most days, all you have to do is walk outside and look up to see something beautiful.

Just look at these clouds on flickr.

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sognatrice said...

Another cloud lover here, as you might already know depending on whether you've visited my place on "cloudy" days :)

Nance said...

I heard about the CAS as well and marked the article for mention in a future post. You beat me to it!

Suldog said...

I love to just stare at the clouds every so often. It gives you a true sense of your place here - somewhat small in the grand scheme. I can always use a little ego pruning :-)

Anali said...

sognatrice - I think I have seen some!

nance - Sorry! : (

suldog - It's really fun to do at the beach. ; )

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