Bon Mercredi!

Yahoo! Avatars
My avatar is having a fun time vacationing in Paris, but left me here to keep working in Boston to pay for her trip. She has all the fun!

*Update* I just received an email from my avatar. Oh, by the way, her name is Analee. She's decided to stay in Paris for at least another week. Miss Analee says that she's having so much fun, she may not come back for a while!

Can you believe this? She wants me to wire her some more money. I think she met some guy there. We'll see what happens. I'll keep you up to date with The Wonderful Adventures of Analee.

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FH said…
HeHe!! She is all that!!
Suldog said…
Nice avatar. I bet she gets to hit on some very handsome Frenchmen!
Big Boys Oven said…
hahhahahahah! so sad right!
Nance said…
you may as well have a teenaged kid away at college.
Tera said…
Do you not just love all the fantastic things you can do with those avatars?!?!?! Mine on Yahoo is always in an exciting setting!
Tsiporah said…
Oh how cute. I can't wait to see all the trouble she get's in to. Hee-hee...
Anonymous said…
what a cute avatar! I'll bet she is having a blast in Paris.
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - I love her outfit!

suldog - I think you're right!

big boys oven - LOL! Nobody ever said life was fair. ; )

nance - That sounds about right!

tera - They are really fun! At least when they're not misbehaving! ; )

tsiporah - I know! I wonder what she's going to email me next! : )

jennifer - She's having a ton of fun!

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