Don't Be Scared!

I just read a fun ghost story! Check it out here and then go to the main page to read the rest of the ghost stories in the Chica Lit Ghost Story Blog Tour.

I actually met Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Crafty Chica, at the Blogher Conference and I bought her book, Crafty Chica's Art de la Soul. She was really nice and is doing some amazing things.

I'm going back to read the rest of the stories soon! Boo! Hope I didn't scare ya! Happy Halloween!

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Lotus Reads said…
I LOVE ghost stories will definitely be checking these out, thanks!

Happy Halloween Anali!
Swaruchy said…
Thanks for posting the links Anali....Will check them out dear :-)
Asha said…
Never mind scary stories Anali, just listen to my music in my blog!;D
Happy Halloween, enjoy.
starry said…
I love ghost stories too.will have to check it out.thanks and happy halloween.
Lisa Johnson said…
lotus reads - You're welcome!

sirisha kilambi - I hope you enjoyed them!

asha - You went all out over at your blog!!! Wow!!!

starry nights - Happy Halloween to you too!
amisha said…
oh cool... i love kathy cane-murillo's work!! so colorful and fun and inspiring.
Lisa Johnson said…
amisha - And as colorful, fun, and inspiring as her work is, that is exactly her personality. She is one of the most magnetic and effervescent people that I've ever encountered. I saw her speak about her crafting and was so inspired that I decided that I could do it too! I bought her book and had her sign it for me. Then I saw her again on one of the shuttle buses. She is so friendly!

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