Monday, September 10, 2007

Finally Some Food!

I've noticed that I haven't had much food here lately. Things have been a bit hectic, so I haven't been cooking as much. But not to worry!

Check out my latest recipe here on BoomerGirl. And if you want to look at any archived And Razzleberry Dressing recipes, then look here.

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Asha said...

YAY!! Made a foodie happy today!!:))

AVIANA said...

hey there....

hows u?...well in reference to pink panther, i hope that beyonce's not in it..i heard the first one was horrid!

talk to you soon!


Jac said...

You tempt me with that pic. LOL

amisha said...

WOW. you are a genius! i am a southerner you know and we love the bread pudding! and some of my feeling that i am camping in my dorm room without proper kitchen gear was alleviated this weekend when i brought up baking pans, cupcake pans, a mixing bowl... i'm close to set now :)

Cynthia said...

It's difficult sometimes also when you're just cooking for one.

So Simple said...

What a good idea. I think these would make a great morning tea for the staff. I'll let you know how they go.
By the way I had difficulties leaving a comment on Boomer Girl This has happened before

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u can cook for me any day looks super tasty

Anali said...

asha - I'm so glad! ; )

aviana - I heard that she decided not to be in the second one. I've heard mixed reviews about the first one. I cannot imagine that it could be really bad since Steve is in it! I'm going to rent it.

jac - LOL! ; )

amisha - Wow! You are the first person to call me that. And probably the last! LOL! ; )

cynthia - It's true. I made some little ones that I ate and I gave most of the big ones to my parents.

so simple - Thanks! Did you make them? I'm not sure about the comment thing. I usually never have a problem. You might want to email someone there and let them know.

torrance stephens bka all-mi-t - I think you might have stopped by here before, so it's good to see you again. If I'm wrong, then welcome! I'm glad that you liked it! ; )

BipolarLawyerCook said...

This is a great idea-- love it!

Anali said...

bipolarlawyercook - Thanks! ; )

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