Sunday, August 5, 2007

Random Fun

I'm not really into the Simpsons, but I thought this looked like fun. This is me Simpsonized! You can do it too here.

Need a Snow Day?
It's really hot! I'm not complaining, but it is steamy. I just created a snowflake to cool down. Go here and send something cool and beautiful into the universe.

Okay, this is just getting silly, so I should go to bed now. More Blogher related posts coming soon!

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karrie said...

The snowflake link is addictive. :)

Asha said...

LOL!! You look great!! I will try mine!:)

BipolarLawyerCook said...

I did my Simpsons avatar, but I liked my South Park one better. Yours, however, is great!

marye said... make a lovely simpson... ;)

Mizrepresent said...

Too cute!

Cynthia said...

We have have a spin-off show with you as the lead.

KAYLEE said...

CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am okay but in alot of pain cant wait til friday:)

Dezel said...

Hi Anali,

It is hot and steamy in Virginia also, so you are not alone. One stroll outdoors and it takes all the energy out of me. I look forward to foil foliage and the cooler temps it brings.

BTW … I love your recent photo work – very nice!

Happy Sipping!


Tera said...

I am sooo gonna try the Simpsons thing!

Anali said...

karrie - It really is! Oh and is your blog gone now? I can't find it.

asha - Thanks it was so fun!

bipolarlawyercook - Thank you! I've never tried the South Park one. That would be fun too.

marye - Welcome! And thank you! ; )

mizrepresent - That's what I do when I'm tired! ; )

Anali said...

cynthia - LOL! That would be funny!

kaylee - I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. Best of luck with the surgery! Special prayers are being sent!

dezel - I'm glad you like the pictures. I tried some new software. Fall is beautiful, but I'm in no rush for the summer to end! I'm trying to enjoy the heat while it lasts. ; )

tera - I'll be looking for yours!

Suldog said...

That is SO funny! I Simpsonized myself just this morning! You look really cool as a resident of Springfield. Now just one question:

Dr. Hibbert, Carl Carlson, Drederick Tatum - or maybe somebody else? LOL.

suttonhoo said...

LOVE the avatar! :D

Anali said...

suldog - Glad you liked it! I don't think I know enough about the Simpsons for your question. Sorry! ; )

suttonhoo - Thanks! ; )

Lotus Reads said...

Ooooh, love it Anali, will have to try mine! :) Have you seen the Simpsons movie yet?

Anali said...

lotus reads - I'll look for yours! ; )I'm so behind on going to the movies, but I do think that I'll end up watching this on DVD.

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